Mira Connect supports the following equipment



Integration Guide

Audio Conferencing Polycom SoundStructure C16, C12, C8 with PSTN and VoIP interfaces SoundStructure Guide
QSC Q-Sys Core family with VoIP interfaces QSC Guide
New Symetrix Radius family with VoIP and PSTN interfaces Symetrix Guide
New Shure IntelliMix P300 Shure Guide
New Klark-Teknik DM8000
(RS-232 control only, requires Ethernet to RS-232 adapter (151.0010.001))
Klark Teknik Guide
Biamp TesiraFORTÉ family with VoIP and PSTN New interfaces Biamp Guide
Bose ControlSpace® EX family Bose Guide
Displays NEC displays: Universal driver and V323-2, V423, V652
Sharp Aquos:
LC-32LE653U, LC-60C6500U, LC-60C6600U, LC-60EQ10U, LC-60EQ30U, LC-60LE650U, LC-60LE660U, LC-60LE661U, LC-60Q17U, LC-60SQ10U, LC-60SQ15U, LC-60SQ17U, LC-60TQ15U, LC-70C6500U, LC-70C6600U, LC-70EQ10U, LC-70EQ30U, LC-70LE660U, LC-70LE661U, LC-70SQ10U, LC-70SQ15U, LC-70SQ17U, LC-70TQ15U, LC-70UD1U, LC-70UQ17U, LC-80LE642U, LC-80LE650U, LC-80LE661U, LC-80UQ17U, LC-90LE657U
Sharp Aquos Guide
Vivitek NovoTouch LK6530i, LK7530i, LK8630i, LK9810i
(RS-232 control only, requires Ethernet to RS-232 adapter (151.0010.001))
Projectors Epson: Universal driver Epson Guide
Video Conferencing Polycom HDX 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000 series
(IP and RS-232 control supported)
Polycom RealPresence Group Series 300, 310, 500, 550, and 700
(IP and RS-232 control supported)
Group Series Guide
Video Switchers FSR DV-HDSS-41-TX
(RS-232 control only, requires Ethernet to RS-232 adapter (151.0010.001))
FSR Guide
Skreens Wall In A Box: Universal driver Skreens Guide

Last Updated: January 15, 2018 For integration details, see the integration guides listed in the table or the Mira Connect Administrators Guide.

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