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Confidea Wireless FAQ

Q: How long can a conference unit operate on a fully charged battery?
A: A fully charged Lithium-Ion battery will last in excess of 28 hours of continuous use. Charge time for a battery is approximately 4 hours. Charge times can vary based upon the temperature and venting of the charging unit. Charger must be well ventilated.

Q: How many wireless units can be connected to the WCAP3?
A: The total number of units that can be connected is 1024; however the distance from the WC-WACP3 for connectivity is limited to 100 ft. (30 m). Contact Aveo Systems Technical Support for more information.

Q: Can I use a conference system without chairman unit?
A: Yes you can, however, the chairman will not have any priority functions available on his/her conferencing unit. The chairman of the meeting can alternatively manage the microphone system by use of the browser interface into the Wireless access point (WCAP3).

Q: Do I need software to use the voting feature?
A: Yes, the Wireless Digital Conferencing WC-CV3 and WC-DV3 provide for voting functions, However The CoCon Meeting Suite or CoCon Discussion and CoCon Voting are required to perform the voting functions.

D-Cerno FAQ

Q: How many discussion units can the Digital Discussion CU operate?
A: Up to 50. However, by connecting additional CUs together, the system can be expanded up to 150 discussion units.

Q: How do the conferencing units connect to the Central Unit?
A: A minimum of Cat5e STP shielded cable is used to daisy chain the conference units together. The Cable MUST be shielded for the system to work properly. Aveo Systems offers Cat6 shielded cable that can be purchased with a system or separately.

Q: What is the maximum cable length that can be used with the system?
A: The total cable length of a branch must not exceed the maximum of 1,300 ft. (400m). The maximum cable length allowed between units is 260 ft. (80m).

Q: Does the Digital Discussion system have voice activation capabilities?
A: Yes. Voice Activation (VOX) is one of the system’s many conference modes and comes standard with the CU.

Q: Can the Digital Discussion system be used in teleconferencing applications?
A: Yes. The CU has multiple inputs and outputs for connecting to a wide variety of 3rd party teleconference equipment.

Plixus FAQ

Q: How many units can a CU support?
A: A CU and power up to 80 units using the 4 communications ports. However the system can support over a thousand units using additional power supplies and bus extension support.

Q: How are the conferencing units powered?
A: The conference units are powered via the Powered Plixus LAN connections. Some equipment can be powered by the 48VDC Aux power output terminal

Q: How many direct output or input channels can I support?
A: Dante™ can support up to 64 inputs and 64 output connections into the system.

Q: Can I connect this conference system to my teleconferencing or video conferencing system?
A: Yes, connection to external equipment can be done using the built in auxiliary audio inputs and outputs or through the Dante™ network.

Q: Are there desktop and flush mount versions of the conference units available?
A: Yes, there are both freestanding desk top conference units and there is a variety of flush mount configurations of conference units.

Q: Does the system support direct audio outputs for zoning and connection to a DSP?
A: The Central Unit has provisions for an optional Dante™ interface card. This provides connection to multiple types of external audio equipment like audio breakout panels, DSP mixers, recorders, amplifiers and more. This platform can be used to define the connection of individual or grouped microphones to external equipment.

Q: Can the system connect to an external control system like AMX or Crestron?
A: Yes, the system can communicate and be controlled via the TCP/IP port. An API document is available to define the protocol and procedure for this control.

Q: How many microphone units can be connected to the Confidea Plixus-MME?
A: The total number of units that can be connected is based on cable length but you can typically get up to 20 delegate/chairman units per output port on the Plixus MME for a total maximum of 120. More units can be added to the system via additional Plixus-PS expansion power supplies

Q: How do the conferencing units connect to the Plixus-MME?
A: A minimum of Cat5e STP shielded cable is used to daisy chain the conference units together on the Plixus® network. The Cable MUST be shielded for the system to work properly.

Q: Does the system have an interpretation unit?
A: Yes, The system uses the Plixus Lingua Interpretation Desk. There’s also a version of the Lingua system that supports HDMI output for connection to local displays.

Q: Can I use a conference system without chairman unit?
A: Yes you can, however, there will not be any priority function available. The head member of the meeting (chairman) will not be able to manage the microphone system by use of a typical delegate unit.

Q: How far can the daisy chain cabling go?
A: Up to 262 ft. (80m) on each port from the Plixus-MME.

Q: How many microphones can be active at any given time?
A: Up to 8 microphones can be open on the conferencing system.

Q: Can I share standard documents on this conferencing network?
A: Yes, you can share documents on this network. Links to pertinent documents are created as a part of the meeting and agenda prep. These links are used during the meeting to access these documents.

Q: Can I view internet content on the system?
A: The system does provide the ability to view web content. The ability of how much access each delegate has to internet content can be managed. The management software can limit the access to only websites and or pages that are approved.

Q: Is there a desktop version of the conference unit available?
A: Currently there is only a flush mount version of the conference units. There are plans for development of desk type units in the future.

Q: What is meant by the statement that the system supports Hi-Definition?
A: Each user panel is equipped with an LCD touch screen panel that supports 1280 x 760 pixel resolution. All graphics, pictures, text, presentations, video etc. are displayed at this Hi-Definition resolution.

Q: How are the conferencing units powered?
A: Data distribution is provided on the Cat5e shielded cable. A separate 48 VDC power source is distributed using a 14AWG cable that is daisy chained between the conference units to provide the required current for driving the additional power required by the 7” LCD screens.

CoCon Software FAQ

Q: What is the CoCon Conference Software Suite?
A: The CoCon Conference Software Suite is the overarching name of the suite of tools that can be used to manage, view, and control a system of discussion systems.

Q: What is the CoCon MeetingSuite Software?
A: CoCon MeetingSuite is a bundle of the CoCon Discussion, Voting, and Signage software that is often used together with Televic Conference Systems.

Q: What does the CoCon Signage Software do?
A: The CoCon Signage software is used to display information from the CoCon Conference Software Suite on external displays and monitors. The types of information displayed includes voting results, delegate seating/positioning within a room, which talker is talking, and more.

Q: What does ‘synoptic’ mean?
A: Synoptic is a fancy word for a graphical layout of the room with microphone positions overlaid on the room view. This view makes it easy to see who is talking and to make it easy to select next talkers, see who’s in queue, and more.

Q: What software do I need for Voting control?
A: For all Confidea and Plixus systems, the CoCon Voting software is used to define the votes, the criteria for passing, and how long the voting period is active. CoCon Signage software is highly recommended to make it easy to display and report on voting results to the larger group.

Q: How does the software license process work?
A: For the Confidea and Plixus systems there is a software license that is enabled in the Central Unit and then the user-supplied PC has the CoCon PC software installed on it. The CoCon PC software communicates to the Central Unit, and if the licenses are valid, then the user has full access to the CoCon PC software functionality.

Q: What are the PC requirements for the CoCon software?
A: System requirements include

Server Application

  • Processor: Intel i5 2 GHz or higher
  • RAM: minimum 4 GB
  • Free disk space: minimum 10 GB
  • Network connectivity: at least 100 Mb/s

Client applications

  • Processor: Intel dual-core 2 GHz or higher
  • RAM: minimum 4GB
  • Recommended graphical hardware supporting DirectX 9.0 or better.
  • Free disk space: minimum 10 GB
  • Network connectivity: at least 100 Mb/s

Note that, when running multiple client applications on the same PC, at least 2GB per Clientapplication needs to be provided.The following languages are fully supported:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Dutch

The following languages are partially supported:

  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Japanese
  • Vietnamese


Network requirements for the following Central Units (connecting over TCP/IP):

  • CPU5500
  • Confidea WCAP+ Gen 1 & 2
  • Confidea WCAP+ Gen3
  • Plixus Engine

For these central units following network requirements apply:

  • Available bandwidth of at least 10Mb/s for each CoCon Room Server/Central unit connection.
  • Available bandwidth of at least 10Mb/s for each CoCon Room Server/client connection.
  • Certain network topologies do not allow the auto-Room Server discovery. A manual setting is available.

Software requirements

Operating systems supported:

  • Windows XP SP3
  • Windows Server 2003 SP2
  • Windows Vista SP1 or later
  • Windows Server 2008 (not supported on Server Core Role)
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

Each PC installed with a CoCon component (any client application or the Server) should also be provided with the .Net Framework 4.0. This will be installed automatically when CoCon is being installed.


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