Simplify AV Control with Mira Connect

Finally, an AV control system that is easy to set up, easy to use, and does so much!

Mira Connect is the AV control solution that simplifies collaboration by providing an intuitive user interface for end users.

Eliminate the fear of using the room and dialing calls!

Mira Connect used in a conference room.

Supports Many AV Products

Mira Connect integrates with a variety of AV equipment from many manufacturers, including:

        • audio DSPs
        • video switchers
        • USB peripheral switchers
        • video codecs
        • cameras
        • displays
        • projectors
        • Zoom Rooms
        • and more!

See the ever-growing list of equipment supported.

No Programming Required

Avoid the high cost and extra time needed for custom programming!

We’ve made it easy for integrators to set up Mira Connect.  End users can control the audio visual equipment in their room AND control Zoom Rooms, too.

And it’s easy to update Mira Connect with any equipment changes in the future.

Want to move your Mira Connect from one room to another? Not a problem! Just un-pair it from the first room and pair it to another room.

No Programming Graphic

One-Touch Dialing

Start your audio and video calls with one touch.  No need to fumble with multiple remote control units to turn on the display and dial the codec or worry about choosing the correct settings for your audio visual equipment.

Mira Connect integrates directly with Microsoft Office 365 Calendar.

It’s easy to join a scheduled conference call via the calendar invitation with a single touch.  Mira Connect dials the number and pin code for you.  Mira Connect also supports one-touch dialing via a video codec’s calendar.

Consistent and Intuitive User Interface

Our designers are experts in creating thoughtful, intuitive user interfaces.  We’ve designed Mira Connect to balance ease-of-use with control capabilities.

Different rooms may utilize different A/V equipment, yet with Mira Connect, the user interface remains consistent and familiar.

Mira Connect User Interface
Mira Connect Custom Branding Example

Customize Mira Connect With

Your Own Branding

        • Your company logo
        • A room name and contact info
        • A favorite background image
        • Your preferred color scheme

Manage The Room Remotely

Your IT department can securely monitor the status of active conference rooms from anywhere using Mira Portal, our cloud-based service for managing Mira Connect.

Get Text Alerts When Equipment Goes Offline

You can set up Mira Connect to send a text notification to your support personnel when any equipment connected to Mira Connect goes offline.

Example text message
Mira Portal logo

Mira Portal

Mira Portal is the cloud-based platform for managing, monitoring, and reporting on all of the rooms and equipment that are using Mira Connect in your organization.

Mira Portal is available in two service levels: Essentials and Enterprise.  Click here for a detailed comparison.

The purchase price of each Mira Connect includes 12 months of Mira Portal Enterprise service so that you can experience all that Mira Connect can do for you.

Contact us to schedule a Mira Connect A/V control system demo. 678 653 7090.

Not ready to talk yet? Create a free Mira Portal account and try Mira Connect for yourself.

Want to learn more? See our UI Preview article and Mira Connect product overview datasheet.

Have a question? See our frequently asked questions or give us a call!

Mira Collaboration Products and Services

Mira Connect

Mira Connect is a touchscreen and control system for controlling and managing conference rooms, offices, huddle spaces, and the equipment in those rooms.

Mira Portal Enterprise 12-months renewal

Mira Portal Enterprise service offering for 12 months. Enterprise includes the functionality of Essentials and adds Microsoft Office 365 calendar integration, and more.

Mira Portal Essentials 12-months renewal

Mira Portal Essentials service offering for 12 months includes remote management and text messaging.

Ethernet to RS-232

TCP/IP to RS-232 interface with PoE support

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