Mira Connect

  Smart AV Control System

10″ touch panel controller and control engine

Connects to Mira Portal for set up and remote management

Mira Connect and Mira Portal

Mira Connect and Mira Portal

Aveo Systems’ Mira Connect smart AV control system is a touchscreen control device for controlling the equipment in your installations. Mira Connect is easily configured and managed through Mira Portal, our secure cloud-based management platform. No custom programming is required.

Mira Connect communicates with Mira Portal for its initial configuration and then can operate with or without access to Mira Portal. A connection to Mira Portal is required for secure remote management, firmware updates, remote control capability (including Mira Connect Me touchless control), and more.

Intuitive User Interface Design

Mira Connect’s user interface is designed so users can be productive immediately.  The user interface is created automatically based on the integrated equipment.  Mira Connect controls hundreds of commonly-used audio-visual devices, including Zoom Rooms, Poly, and Cisco video codecs. Only the features enabled appear on the touchscreen — streamlining the user experience.

The example interface shown above reflects many features enabled, including control of audio, cameras, displays, Mira Connect Me touchless control, and lighting as well as calendar integration, access to contact directories, recent calls, and one-touch dialing of upcoming scheduled meetings.  (Hover over the image to see the icon descriptions.)

It’s easy to customize the screen with a customer’s logo, preferred background image, and sidebar colors.

To explore more of Mira Connect’s user interface, take a self-guided tour.

Mira Connect Form Factors

Mira Connect Classic

Mira Connect Classic AV control

Mira Connect Classic comes with a touchscreen tablet housed in a grey, powder-coated steel enclosure for tabletop use.

Mira Connect Classic is perfect for high-traffic rooms where a sturdy metal stand is warranted.


Mira Connect 10

Mira Connect 10 (shown above with adjustable stand and two optional LED bars) is a touchscreen tablet with a sleek, black ABS plastic enclosure.

Mira Connect 10 can also be mounted in the wall (with our flush-mount backbox) or on the wall (with any standard 75mm VESA mount).

Mira Connect wins rAVe 2019 award

Mira Connect Touchscreens

Select any touchscreen below to see more details as well as available accessories (including Ethernet converters used for controlled equipment) and services.

Mira Connect 10 with Tabletop Stand

Mira Connect 10 is our newest touchscreen control system for tabletop applications

Mira Connect 10 with Tabletop Stand and LED bars

Mira Connect 10 with LED bars is our newest touchscreen control system for tabletop applications

Mira Connect 10 for Wall Mounting

Mira Connect 10 is our newest touchscreen control system for on-wall or in-wall applications

Mira Connect Classic

Mira Connect Classic is a touchscreen control system for tabletop applications

Watch how we go from taking a Mira Connect 10 out of a box to a fully-integrated control system in about 10 minutes! All without programming!

In this 3+ minute, time-accelerated video, we integrate with Zoom Rooms, a DSP audio system, a VISCA camera with presets, an MS Office 365 Calendar, and a display. We also add a contact directory, customize the visual theme, and enable a room ‘Power Off’ button, SIP audio dialing in Zoom Rooms, and Mira Connect Me touchless control.

Then it’s show time!

AV folks are often talented musicians too. We thank our friend, Mark Ullrich, for the fun track, which he composed too.

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