The Mira Connect™ Solution

Aveo Systems’ Mira Connect solution is a touchscreen appliance that controls room-based audio and video conferencing equipment from major vendors including Polycom®. The Mira Connect solution has two parts: Mira Connect for in-room control and Mira Portal for setup and management from anywhere.

Whether You’re a Conference Room User or an AV/IT Professional,
the Benefits of Mira Connect Are Clear.

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Conference Room Users

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Start Meetings On Time

Finally, a conferencing system that is easy to use. Simply press a single button to join via calendar invitation, dial from a directory, or direct dial your call. You will be connected to your meeting in no time.

Launch Calls Easily

Inconspicuous on your table, the tablet user interface lets you focus on your collaboration agenda, not the technology supporting the meeting.

One-click Dialing of Scheduled Calls

Users have easy access to scheduled conference calls. Users simply click the ‘Join’ button on Mira Connect to be immediately connected to their meeting.

Innovative Solutions

Mira Connect is flexible enough to meet the demands of your specific business environment. Speak with a member of our team to learn more about our solutions.

AV/IT Professionals

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Multi-Vendor Product Connectivity

Finally, a system that controls equipment from different manufacturers with seamless integration and no programming required. Mira Connect allows you to choose the best equipment for your customer.

Easy Software Updates and Maintenance

Because it is cloud-based, Mira Connect is easy to install in any organization and easy to manage.

Collaboration Analytics

View room histories and data to understand how your assets are utilized. Run reports and analyze data specific to collaboration and end-user experience.

Remote Support Solutions

Monitor the status of active conference rooms from anywhere. You can securely connect to, and control, rooms remotely; reducing down-time and helping users increase meeting productivity.


Mira Connect provides an intuitive touch-based user interface for collaboration equipment so anyone can easily launch calls to connect with other sites and manage the audio and video and the room.

Mira Connect, with Mira Portal, controls the audio and video conferencing systems and an ever increasing number of displays and other devices in the room.


Mira Portal is an enterprise-grade cloud-based service for managing, monitoring, and reporting on all the rooms and equipment using Mira Connect. Mira Portal is available in two service levels: Essentials (for setup and room control) and Enterprise (includes Essentials functionality and adds management capabilities, click here for detailed comparison).

A Mira Portal service offering is required for configuration and management of Mira Connect systems. Licenses are available on an annual basis with multi-year and multi-room options.

A typical system includes a Mira Connect device in each room controlling the audio and video devices while communicating status information securely to Mira Portal.

Mira Connect and Mira Portal are used together during installation to pair to a room. Within the room, the Mira Connect device has network access with wired or wireless Ethernet and connects to video codecs, audio DSP’s, and other devices in the room. Mira Connect needs external network acess to communicate securely with Mira Portal during setup and normal operation.

Multiple Mira Connect devices may be used independently in the same room at the same time.


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