Mira Connect™

Simplifies AV Control

Easy To Set Up.

Easier To Use.

Getting a well-designed, easy-to-use audio-visual control system shouldn’t require costly, complex, and time-consuming custom programming.

The Mira Connect smart controller makes it easy for AV/IT professionals to set up and manage AND easier for users to control their systems.

What Is Mira Connect?

Aveo Systems Mira Connect 10 Smart Controller

Aveo System’s Mira Connect is an award-winning, smart touchscreen control system for audio-visual systems.  No programming is required.  Tabletop and wall-mounted options are available.

Professor using Aveo Systems Mira Connect in lecture hall

Mira Connect controls the AV devices typically used in applications such as conference rooms, huddle rooms, lecture halls, courtrooms, bars, restaurants, and other spaces.

Mira Connect used in a conference room.

Mira Connect generates an intuitive user interface so EVERYONE can easily control the system.


Control displays, cameras, AV receivers, projectors, lighting, shades, cable TV tuners, volume levels, camera positions.  Dial calls.  Select video sources. 

And more!

End Users & AV/IT Teams Benefit From:


Unified Control

Instead of multiple, confusing remotes and controllers, users can manage their equipment from Mira Connect.


An Intuitive User Experience

Mira Connect’s intuitive graphical design allows users to be productive immediately.  A consistent user experience from room to room makes all rooms feel familiar.


Meetings That Start On Time, Every Time

ONE-TOUCH join from calendar invitations and directories makes it easy for all users to start meetings on time.



Remote Management

Mira Connect can be remotely managed, re-configured, and controlled by help desks, AV/IT Teams, or integration partners through Mira Portal™, our cloud-based management platform.



Save Money And Get A Custom Control System

Mira Connect is designed for applications where a traditional control system’s cost and complexity are too much and where a manufacturer’s specific controller is too little.


Use Your Personal Device

When Mira Connect Me Touchless Control is enabled, a user can control the system from anywhere in the room by scanning a QR code and getting Mira Connect’s user interface on their own personal device.



Two-Way Communication

Mira Connect uses two-way communication with actual feedback from the equipment to prevent surprises — such as getting caught with an unmuted microphone.


Freedom To Make Changes

Users can easily customize Mira Connect from Mira Portal.  Personalize the touchscreen with your branding, change labels to be more descriptive, and more.



Mira Connect automates common features for users. Power on displays when either starting video calls or selecting video sources. Schedule automatic power-off for the end of the day to conserve energy.

What Do Our End Users Say?

“Those who have used the room so far have found Mira Connect to be easy to use and very intuitive… I use the remote control capability to troubleshoot the room remotely as needed.”


Stéphane Villeneuve, Electronics & AV Technician / Québec City Convention Center


“Our IT department loves the fact that we can remotely manage the device via Mira Portal with minimum downtime.  We are very pleased that the Mira Connect can be integrated with our Outlook calendar and Microsoft Teams meetings seamlessly.”


Supai Chin, ITS Group Leader SA2 / Thames Valley District School Board


“We were looking for a product that was easy to use and felt that the Aveo Systems Mira Connect would do that for us.  This system requires a lot less training to get people up to speed.”


Mark McGinnis, VP of IT / YMCA Leadership & Learning Center, Atlanta


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Easily Connect With Your Remote Teams and Customers

Using Zoom Rooms?

Mira Connect is the smart choice to control Zoom Rooms® and the rest of your room.


Aveo Systems Mira Connect controls videoconferencing systems

Using Cisco WebEx Room or Poly Video?

Mira Connect also controls Cisco WebEx Room Kits and Poly’s Group Series and G7500 — with one-touch dialing.

Integration Partners Benefit From:

An AV control system designed for users who want a system that’s easy to use without the complexity, cost, or maintenance of traditional custom-programmed solutions.

Supports Many AV Products

Mira Connect integrates with hundreds of different types of AV equipment without any custom programming, saving resources and speeding up installations.  We’ve already done the programming for you.

Professionally-Designed User Interface

You don’t have to worry about button placement.  Mira Connect’s user interface is created automatically based on the equipment controlled.  The user interface stays consistent across all the rooms regardless of equipment.

Remote Management

Configure the system from anywhere and remotely manage it after the installation.

Preview The User Interface

Before you even purchase anything, you can see and experience the user interface using UI PREVIEW.  We can show you how.


Offer more flexibility to your customers.  It’s effortless to repurpose a Mira Connect to another room or replace a Mira Connect unit.  The units are re-configured immediately.

Mira Connect Integrates With Equipment From These Manufacturers:

We’ve created INTEGRATION GUIDES for each manufacturer’s product family — including hints and tips for successful integration with Mira Connect.

We are continuously adding more products that Mira Connect can control and value collaborating with our integration partners to support their needs.  Need a product supported that’s not yet on the list?  Let us know.

What Do Our Integration Partners Say?

“This solution is very compelling for clients because the Mira Connect AV control panel from Aveo Systems does everything they need, is easy to navigate, and doesn’t require the additional time/cost associated with building a custom solution.”

Jean-François Landriault, President / XAV Solutions-Toronto


“I really like the simplicity, ease of setup, and intuitive operation that come with Mira Connect.  It has significantly reduced our programming time and the number of help desk calls, as opposed to more complicated system control interfaces.”

Dan Miller, AV Engineer / Clarity ITS


“You and your team are absolutely incredible! We appreciate your support and follow-up more than we can express.”

Brandon B., Integration Partner

“The installation took minutes versus days, and our client loves the system.”

Andrew Moffat, VP of Product Mgmt, Pragmatic

Let us show you how we can help you and your clients!

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Mira Portal

For seasoned Mira Connect users and self-starters who want to build their own systems and simulate the user interface. Or watch the UI Preview video before trying.


What’s New

Mira Connect keeps getting better and better.  To find out about the latest capabilities, check out our BLOG.

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