Why Mira Connect Is The Smart Choice To Control Your Zoom Rooms

Mira Connect is a control system and intuitive user interface designed to simplify collaboration in conference rooms, meeting spaces, and huddle rooms.  Mira Connect’s user interface is automatically generated based on the equipment and capabilities of your room for a professionally designed user experience.

Here’s why Mira Connect is the smart choice to control your Zoom Rooms:

One Control System For Everything In The Room

Why complicate the room with multiple controllers?  Mira Connect is the only control system you need to manage Zoom Rooms and all of the other equipment in your room, including cameras, displays, video switchers, audio processors, and more.

Easy to install — sets up in minutes with no programming required.

And easy to use — current Zoom Rooms users will immediately be familiar with the interface.  Dial calendar-scheduled meetings with one touch.



Manage Your Room From Anywhere

Remotely configure and manage your room from across the table or across the globe using Mira Portal, our cloud management platform.  Your IT Department will thank you.

Customize Branding

Customize the background image, logo, and colors on Mira Connect to match your organization’s look.

Mira Connect can be customized

Investment Protection

Use Mira Connect today with your Cisco and Polycom rooms and transition easily to Zoom Rooms or other new equipment.  It’s easy to make equipment changes using Mira Connect!

Contact us for a Mira Connect demo today. 678 653 7090. sales@aveosystems.com

Not ready to talk yet? Create a free Mira Portal account and try Mira Connect for yourself.

Want to learn more? See our Zoom Rooms article and Zoom Rooms product overview datasheet.

Have a question? See our frequently asked questions.

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