Why Mira Connect Is The Smart Choice To Control Your Zoom Rooms

Zoom and its room-based offering, Zoom Rooms, are powerful video conferencing systems that have transformed how we connect and collaborate.  Zoom Rooms is used for conference rooms that typically include an external camera, loudspeaker, microphone, and a large screen display.  The Zoom Rooms software is loaded onto a dedicated computer in the room, and a touch controller (like an iPad) runs the Zoom Rooms controller application to control the dedicated computer wirelessly from a consumer tablet.

An Aveo Systems’ Mira Connect touchscreen controller is a professional touch panel with our Mira Connect software embedded in it.  It controls (either wired or wirelessly) the Zoom Rooms computer by using Zoom’s published application programming interfaces (ZR-CSAPI) for third-party control — instead of using the ZR controller application.  Zoom has encouraged developers to create solutions that add value to their solutions, and Aveo Systems leveraged its revolutionary AV control platform to redefine how to control Zoom Rooms and other integrated equipment.

While the Zoom Rooms Controller application has been designed to only be used with Zoom Rooms, Mira Connect has been designed to work with Zoom Rooms and many other AV devices in a wide variety of applications.  Aveo Systems has developed hundreds of drivers and user interfaces for intuitively controlling equipment from many AV manufacturers — including traditional video codecs like Poly and Cisco, as well as soft video codecs like Zoom Rooms — thereby offering tremendous flexibility for users and implementors of AV systems.


Visit our supported equipment page to see the growing list of cameras, projectors, DSP audio devices, video switchers, displays, and other devices that Mira Connect controls.  Need control of equipment that’s not on our list?  Request it here, and we’ll get it done for you at no cost.

While Mira Connect is a comprehensive AV control system, unlike traditional control systems, there is no need for specialized, expensive, and often-hard-to-schedule custom programming resources when you want to control AV equipment.  A Mira Connect system is quickly set up through our cloud-based management platform called Mira Portal.  A Mira Portal administrator (your AV integrator, or you, for example) will create the ‘room’ within this platform, select the various equipment to be controlled (including customized labels, such as ‘Lapel Microphone,’ to make the interface even easier for end users).

Once Mira Connect is paired with the ‘room’ in Mira Portal, the Mira Connect control system is provisioned and immediately ready for use!  Changes are just as easy to implement, giving you a long-term reliable controller that you can update and customize as your needs evolve.

Need to re-use your Mira Connect in a different room?  No problem!  Just pair it to the new room, and it is automatically reconfigured.

The Mira Connect touchscreen automatically generates its user interface based on the equipment and options selected.  Our highly-qualified Aveo Systems developers have created professionally-designed user experiences that are intuitive and easy to use and are configured in seconds.  If different rooms use Zoom Rooms but also have different equipment in them, the Mira Connect user interface for the room remains familiar.

Not only does the list of equipment supported by Mira Connect continue to grow over time, Mira Connect’s control capabilities continue to grow as well.  We’ve added countless advanced features over the years, and we’ve got plenty more in the pipeline.  Many of the existing features directly enhance the Zoom Rooms experience for users, making it easier for users to focus on their meeting instead of on the technology.

Here are some of the features of Mira Connect that make it a smart choice to control your Zoom Rooms:


Mira Connect delivers a familiar Zoom experience for dialing audio and video calls and for starting content sharing.  Not only that, Mira Connect provides an integrated user interface for controlling displays, cameras, projectors, video switchers, DSP audio devices, lighting and shade systems, and more.  Mira Connect simplifies the room experience with one easy-to-use touchscreen.


When you add or remove equipment from your room, The Mira Connect user interface adjusts automatically, staying consistent for users and making it ideal for all rooms, regardless of equipment.  Users always know how to use the room.


You can preview your entire Mira Connect user interface and experience it before you even have a Mira Connect by using our UI Preview feature in your browser.

You can customize your Mira Connect touchscreen with a preferred background image, logo, and colors too.


With Mira Connect’s patent-pending Mira Connect Me feature for touchless AV control, you can get quick and easy access to Mira Connect’s user interface (and launch Zoom Rooms calls) from your personal device — from anywhere in the room!

Point your mobile device’s camera at the QR code, and the Mira Connect UI appears on your device in seconds.  There is no application to download.  You can even test this with UI Preview.


With the appropriate permissions, partners or IT teams can manage the Mira Connect from anywhere using Mira Portal — making it easy to make changes to your system — or simply have peace of mind that your control system settings are stored securely in Mira Portal.

And with Mira Connect’s remote control in a browser feature, support staff can assist with launching Zoom Rooms calls from afar from their browser.  How cool is that!


When used with Zoom Rooms, Mira Connect will automatically turn on as many displays as you’ve defined when launching Zoom Rooms calls.

If your displays require a special Wake-On-LAN packet to power on, Mira Connect takes care of that too.


You can automatically power off your rooms at a pre-determined time to conserve energy and the life of your equipment.  Never leave your displays burning brightly all weekend again!

If your users are working late and in a call at the scheduled time, the system automatically delays the power-off.


When integrating DSP audio systems with Zoom Rooms, Mira Connect automatically synchronizes the mute states between the Zoom Rooms and any DSP audio system.  This ensures that there are no surprises when you think the microphone is muted, when it’s really not.  This is a big deal!



You can start Zoom wired content sharing easily with multiple video sources.  Just select the video source on Mira Connect, and Mira Connect takes care of the switching of video sources (such as a document camera, PCs in the room, or other content sources to share) and immediately starts sharing content.


You can control room lighting and shades directly from Mira Connect.


You can easily adjust the volume and control mute on multiple microphones and audio sources (wireless microphones, lectern microphones, and other audio sources used in your system).  This works well with presenters who are too quiet or when muting microphones you don’t want to be heard.


You can dial audio and video conference calls with ONE TOUCH from calendar invitations or customer directories that you can easily add to Mira Connect.


If you have a mixed video codec environment, such as with Cisco and/or Poly video codecs, Mira Connect can control those systems too.

You can also use Mira Connect to dial your traditional video codec into Zoom calls for rooms that have enabled Zoom’s Room Connector feature.

Mira Connect makes it easy to continue using your legacy equipment and transition when you are ready for new equipment.


Mira Connect is much easier for integrators to set up than traditional control systems. Remember, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to set up Mira Connect!

Traditional control systems often require hours and hours of custom programming at significant expense, even for making what should be easy changes.  With Mira Connect, you can easily make these changes.



New features for Mira Connect are available to existing customers as soon as they are available to new customers.  You always have access to the latest features and supported equipment without having to do anything!

With Mira Connect, you get a long-life touch panel that is meant for continuous operation and always ready for the next meeting.

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Want to explore the Mira Connect user interface first?  Check out our self-guided tour here.

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