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Mira Connect Version 1.33.2 Release Notes

Released: January 9, 2021 The Mira Connect release v1.33.2 is a maintenance release.

Aveo Systems Simplifies Content Sharing in Zoom Rooms

Marietta, GA – Aveo Systems has announced a new update to Mira Connect which further simplifies connection to and management of Zoom Rooms® meetings, including the ability to easily select from multiple wired video content sources. “Users of Zoom Rooms have traditionally had to take multiple steps to separately select desired sources such as document […]

Mira Connect Makes it Even Easier to Use Zoom Rooms

Aveo System’s Mira Connect makes it even easier to use Zoom Rooms with Mira Connect’s latest software release. Many Aveo Systems customers have already discovered that Mira Connect is an ideal way to manage their installed Zoom Rooms video conferencing systems. (Read our latest case study here.) Not only does Mira Connect offer a familiar […]

Mira Connect Version 1.33.0 Release Notes

Released: January 3, 2021 The Mira Connect 1.33.0 release adds significant new functionality for Zoom Rooms systems including: seamless content sharing of multiple inputs through a video switcher, customizing the names of Zoom’s video conferencing and content-sharing inputs, displays Zoom meeting status information including the passcode. And adds many new general features including: advanced power-off […]

Justworks Simplifies A/V Control with Mira Connect

Prominent business service provider implements consistent control across 25 rooms with a focus on employee health and safety. Justworks, a rapidly growing HR technology company providing access to corporate-level benefits, payroll, compliance and HR support to the small business community, recently relocated their headquarters to a larger, 100,000-square-foot office space in downtown Manhattan and hired […]

Mira Connect Supports Lightware MMX Video Switchers

Aveo Systems’ Mira Connect™ now supports Lightware MMX video switchers. Mira Connect controls video switching, and depending on the other equipment in the system, may directly control the output audio level and mute of the Lightware products. In addition, through its network connection, Mira Connect can use the Lightware MMX to control other devices over […]

Webinars Fall 2020

Aveo Systems’ Q4 2020 Webinar schedule includes live webinars as detailed below. If you missed the live sessions, access to the recordings is now available. If you are new to Mira Connect, we recommend starting with the Introduction: Unique Features and Benefits of Mira Connect and continue through Getting Started: Building Your First Mira Connect […]

Mira Connect Supports Scheduled Room Power-Off

Mira Connect supports automatically powering off the equipment in your rooms at the time you choose. A scheduled room power-off ensures that equipment that should be powered off — including displays and projectors — are powered off at night and over weekends, extending product life and reducing energy usage when the rooms are unoccupied.

Mira Connect Version 1.32.0 Release Notes

The Mira Connect 1.32.1 release is a maintenance release that resolves an issue with connecting to AV Pro Edge video switchers that was introduced in version 1.32.0. Released: October 29, 2020 The Mira Connect 1.32.0 release includes the ability to schedule daily room power-off events, Wake-on-LAN support for Sharp Aquos displays, support for Lightware’s MMX […]

Mira Connect Version 1.31.1 Release Notes

Released: October 17, 2020 The Mira Connect release v1.31.1 is a maintenance release.

Mira Connect Supports Wake-on-LAN for LG and Other Displays

Powering off a display is easy, but once powered-off, some displays — particularly large ones measuring 65″ and above — enter a low-power / energy-saver mode and no longer respond to API commands. So how do you turn the display back on if it can’t receive commands?

Mira Connect Version 1.31.0 Release Notes

Released: October 8, 2020 The Mira Connect 1.31.0 release adds Lutron RadioRA2 lighting support, one-touch dialing of Zoom calls with a passcode in a calendar invite, Wake-on-LAN support for LG displays, BluStream video switcher support, large Zoom directory support, enhancements to Mira Connect Me, and option to not show the Recent Calls information on Mira […]

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