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Mira Connect Version 1.38.2 Release Notes

Released: November 1, 2021 The Mira Connect version 1.38.2 is a maintenance release with the following functionality: Fixed a user interface issue introduced with version 1.38.0 that prevented users of QSC Q-Sys systems from dialing additional DTMF digits after a PSTN or VoIP call was successfully dialed Earlier Versions Version 1.38.1 Release Notes

Mira Connect Version 1.38.1 Release Notes

Released: October 18, 2021 The Mira Connect version 1.38.1 is a maintenance release with the following functionality:

Mira Connect Version 1.38.0 Release Notes

Released: October 12, 2021 The Mira Connect version 1.38.0 is a full release with the following new functionality: Password support for preventing unauthorized use of the Mira Connect touch panel Screen cleaning mode for cleaning Mira Connect Support for controlling Extron audio DSP for Extron DTP video switcher models Added an elapsed call timer in […]

Mira Connect Password Protection

Mira Connect password protection offers customers the option to limit who can control a room’s A/V equipment. When a password is configured, users must enter the password before controlling their A/V system, providing an extra layer of security when using Mira Connect in public or in common areas. The system’s password can be entered directly […]

Mira Connect Controls Extron Video Switchers

Mira Connect supports Extron’s presentation and matrix video switchers, controlling the switchers over RS-232 or Ethernet, depending on the model. In addition to controlling video switching, Mira Connect has added support for controlling the audio DSP features of the Extron DTP CrossPoint 4k series and the DTP CrossPoint 84 presentation matrix switchers. The Audio DSP […]

Cleaning and Disinfecting Mira Connect Touchscreens

Mira Connect has introduced a screen cleaning mode that makes it easy to clean an disinfect the Mira Connect touchscreen without concern for accidently pressing buttons. To enter the screen cleaning mode, press and hold Mira Connect’s clock for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds have elapsed of pressing the clock, a screen cleaning graphic will […]

Mira Connect Brings Intuitive AV Control to Convention Center

Siscom, Inc. uses a Mira Connect 10 smart AV control system in the Québec City Convention Center boardroom to control the AV equipment in the room.

Display Multiple Zoom Camera Views Simultaneously

When hosting a Zoom call, have you ever wanted to display multiple Zoom camera views of your room and share content AT THE SAME TIME? While it’s easy to re-position a camera, select a different camera, or share content from your laptop or document camera1, the Zoom Rooms experience is still limited to one camera […]

Mira Connect Version 1.37.0 Release Notes

Released: July 20, 2021 The Mira Connect version 1.37.0 is a full release with the following new functionality: Support for dialing multiple Zoom Rooms video codecs in a room into the same call using a primary Zoom Rooms codec and multiple secondary Zoom Rooms codecs. The secondary codecs will be automatically dialed into the same […]

Mira Connect Version 1.36.0 Release Notes

Released: May 11, 2021 The Mira Connect version 1.36.0 is a full release with the following new functionality: Alfatron SMW42s and 21E-codec video switchers TOA Lenubio AM-CF1 array microphone support General improvements

Mira Connect Brings Easy Display Control to CBRE

Sharp Business Systems uses a Mira Connect smart AV control system in a CBRE shared conference space to provide easy display control of their interactive touchscreens.

Control Blustream Multicast UHD with Mira Connect

Aveo Systems’ Mira Connect smart AV control system now controls Blustream Multicast UHD audio/video over IP switching networks through Blustream’s ACM200. Blustream’s Multicast UHD delivers virtually latency-free distribution of HDMI video over a 1GB Network switch using lossless compression technology. The beauty of Blustream’s Multicast UHD is its flexibility and ease of installation. Coupled with […]

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