Mira Connect Controls Visionary Solutions PacketAV Systems

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Aveo Systems’ Mira Connect™ AV control system now controls Visionary Solutions PacketAV® encoders and decoders for video and audio switching. Visionary’s PacketAV systems are used anywhere video signals need to be sent to displays, digital signage, recorders, projectors and other devices across a room or across a facility.

As Mira Connect also controls DSP audio systems, cable and satellite TV tuners, displays, projectors, and more, it is easy to create an integrated solution that builds on Visionary’s PacketAV endpoints. With no programming required, Mira Connect can be easily configured, creating an intuitive user interface in minutes instead of the days or weeks required by traditional control systems.


Further streamlining the installation process, Mira Connect automatically discovers the Visionary Solutions PacketAV devices, making it simple to add any number of PacketAV endpoints to the system with one click.

Using Mira Portal, Mira Connect’s cloud-based management platform, installers can effortlessly change and customize the system locally or remotely — increasing efficiency while reducing travel.

Once the PacketAV endpoints have been added to the room in Mira Portal, the designer simply enables the desired inputs on the encoders and associates decoders with displays. The Mira Connect user interface is built automatically.

With Aveo Systems’ patent-pending Mira Connect Me feature, room users are empowered to control the audio-visual equipment from any location within the room. This practical feature allows Mira Connect’s user interface to be rendered quickly in the browser of their personal mobile devices by simply scanning the QR code that is visible on Mira Connect. Having a temporary, portable, second controller in the room means you can control the room’s AV from a podium, a clerk’s desk, or anywhere else in the room.

For more detailed information on how Mira Connect controls Visionary Solutions PacketAV endpoints, see our step-by-step integration guide.

About Mira Connect

Mira Connect is a high-performance and cost-effective solution for controlling audio-visual systems in many applications, including education, enterprise, retail, hospitality, government, and more.

To learn more about Mira Connect, visit Aveo Systems.

Did you know that you can create a free, no-obligation Mira Portal account and build a control system entirely in your browser with simulated equipment? Or, connect to real equipment and control it from an actual Mira Connect control system. To talk to one of our experts about how to do this, contact us at info@aveosystems.com.

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