Aveo Systems Resources for Mira Connect

Aveo Systems Resources for Mira Connect

Aveo Systems has created an assortment of resources to assist both end users and integration partners.  We’ve compiled them in the list below.  Click on the blue titles on the left side to access the linked pages, blog posts, or pdfs.


This brochure gives end users an overview of what Mira Connect is, how it works, and how it can help them.

This guide is targeted towards end users and describes the user interface elements of Mira Connect and what the different buttons on the screen do.

This blog post explains how to use the Mira Connect Me feature in your Mira Connect so that you can quickly and securely control the room from your own personal device, without the need to download any app.  It also explains how to activate this feature with a click of a button in Mira Portal.

This blog post provides instructions on properly cleaning and disinfecting Mira Connect touchscreens without damaging the devices.


Provides a concise overview of the Mira Connect family of products, including a table summarizing how the products differ, a graphical representation of a fully-configured user interface, and a summary of capabilities.

Overview of Mira Connect with Zoom Rooms systems and the benefits of using Mira Connect to control Zoom Rooms.

This document explains the benefits of using Mira Connect in meeting spaces that utilize Microsoft Teams and other soft codecs and showcases common applications and corresponding connection diagrams.

Answers to commonly asked questions about Mira Connect.

Compares the total cost of ownership of Mira Connect with a traditional control system.  Mira Connect is typically 40%-70% less expensive due to the time reduction and delivery process innovations of Mira Connect.

A series of short videos that provide step-by-step installation instructions on how to create a Mira Portal account, how to create a room within Mira Portal, how to add equipment to be controlled by Mira Connect, how to customize the Mira Connect screen with customer branding, etc.

Sales people can integrate their Mira Connect with their own Office 365 Calendars OR they can use Aveo Systems’ demo Office 365 account.  This document shows how to do the latter.

This document shows how you can share your PC’s network connection to provide WAN access for Mira Connect while also controlling real equipment on a local LAN.  This is useful when performing a demo with real equipment when there isn’t wired Ethernet to set up Mira Connect, such as in a hotel or tradeshow.


Blog post on how to use Mira Connect’s User Interface Preview when you don’t have an actual Mira Connect unit in hand yet.  Let’s you see and test exactly how the system will look and feel.

Our YouTube video on how to use Mira Connect’s User Interface Preview when you don’t have an actual Mira Connect unit in hand yet.  All you need is a Mira Portal account.

Create a new Mira Portal account or log into your existing Mira Portal account here.  No cost and no obligation.


This document is comprised of typical system drawings of Mira Connect integrated with other types of equipment, including DSPs, video codecs, displays, video switchers, and more.  Useful to show the scope of applications for Mira Connect.

This document provides specifications of Mira Connect 10 for consultants.


For step-by-step instructions on how to integrate Mira Connect with each product that it currently supports (including Zoom Rooms), please visit our Supported Equipment page and look for the integration guide(s) that apply.  Don’t Miss These!

This document provides details on how to set up Mira Connect, including connecting a Microsoft Office 365 Calendar account and setting up the equipment to be controlled within Mira Portal.

This document details the network requirements of Mira Connect and is useful for network administrators who want to know how Mira Connect operates on their network.  Includes typical network diagrams of how Mira Connect connects to the AV LAN and the Corporate LAN.

This blog post details how to configure Mira Connect when you don’t have on-site WAN access.

This blog post offers the top 5 best practices for implementing RS-232 serial control and suggested items to keep in your integrator’s tool box.

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