Mira Connect Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a control point?

Control points are the name we use for a specific item to control, such as a mute point for muting and unmuting the system or to dial a telephony interface. Mira Portal makes it easy to add equipment and specify or, with some devices, just select control points. A control point can be a virtual channel name (for SoundStructure), and instance tag (for Biamp), or a named component or named control (for QSC), a preset name, or something else depending on the device.

How many displays can I control with Mira Connect?

Mira Connect can control as many displays as you have. Each display will have a menu for source selection and power control. If there are more display controls than fit on the Mira Connect display, you can scroll to see additional screen controls.

How do I move Mira Connect from one room to another room after it has been configured?

All you need to do is unpair Mira Connect from the first room and pair it with the second room. Mira Connect will automatically download its configuration and will control the equipment from the room with which it is paired. No programming is required.

Is there a way for users to reset their conference room settings back to default values with Mira Connect?

Yes, there is a ‘room power off’ feature that is accessible from the site settings that will reset the volume back to default, turn off any displays or projectors, hang up any active calls, and set the microphone mute state back to the desired state as set in the site settings. Select the site and edit the settings to add the room power off function.

What is Mira Connect?

Mira Connect is a touch screen control appliance that is used in conference rooms, huddle rooms, and meeting rooms to control equipment in the room including setting room audio levels, muting microphones, launching audio and video calls, selecting sources, managing displays, and more.

Does Mira Connect need access to the internet to be configured?

Yes, Mira Portal is used to define the room and add equipment to the room. Mira Connect uses Mira Portal for pairing to the desired room. Mira Connect needs internet access to get a unique pairing code from Mira Portal. Once paired, Mira Connect confirms connection to the local equipment, updates Mira Portal with the connection status, and controls the equipment locally without requiring further access to Mira Portal. To see how to configure Mira Connect without WAN access onsite, see our configuration without WAN article.

What is Mira Portal?

Mira Portal is Aveo Systems’ cloud-management platform for rooms, room equipment, and Mira Connect. Mira Portal is used with Mira Connect to add the equipment to the room, add control points, add a Microsoft Office 365 calendar, customize the background image and logo of Mira Connect, and more. Mira Portal is also used to view the status of the equipment including sending text alerts if equipment goes offline.

Does Mira Connect need access to the internet to control my devices after it has been set up?

After the system has been set up, Mira Connect does not need to have access to Mira Portal. However, access to Mira Portal makes it possible to manage Mira Connect remotely by users with the proper permissions, automatically receive information alerts about the room should any equipment have an issue, receive software updates, change equipment, unpair from the room, and edit equipment and control points.

What does Mira Connect do in the room?

As a touch screen controller, Mira Connect supports dialing audio and video conferencing equipment, starting and stopping content sharing, changing camera positions, controlling the mute of the microphones in the room, adjusting volume, controlling sound reinforcement and assistive listening, controlling audio to other zones, turning on/off displays and projectors, selecting different video inputs, controlling video switchers, powering off the room, and more. Mira Connect has been designed to be easy to install and easy to use.

Can I remove internet access from Mira Connect after getting it working and controlling the local equipment?

Yes. However, without internet access, Mira Connect will not have access to software updates or Mira Portal remote management.

What devices are supported by Mira Connect?

Mira Connect supports many audio and video conferencing and conference room-related products including Audio DSP’s, displays, video conferencing systems, projectors, and more. See the list of supported equipment.

How do I get the devices I want to use in my installation supported by Mira Connect?

As the system integrator or as an end-user, if you don’t see equipment that you are using in your install on the list of supported equipment, and request that it be supported. We’ll follow up with you to see if we need a sample of the equipment while adding support for the equipment or whether we can develop the driver remotely.

Can I add support for new equipment to Mira Connect myself?

No, currently Aveo Systems needs to add support for new equipment to ensure the system works smoothly and maintains a seamless user experience for end users.

How long does it take to get a new piece of equipment supported?

Many products can be added to Mira Connect within two to three weeks of requesting support for the product. It will take longer if we don’t have the equipment. Timing can vary depending on the complexity and scope of the product. Check our list of supported equipment often for updates. Please ask us early in your design and installation cycle to ensure we can be responsive to your requirements.

Once new equipment is supported, how does Mira Connect get access to it?

Mira Connect checks for software updates every day at its configured time (default is midnight) when it is connected to Mira Portal. Mira Connect will automatically download and install new software that includes the latest functionality for all supported equipment. All you have to do with Mira Portal is refresh your browser to get the latest updates.

How do I get help during the setup of Mira Connect if I have questions?

While Mira Portal is very easy to use and add equipment and control points, a great reference when setting up Mira Connect are the integration guides available on the equipment page. Also for general questions, see the Mira Connect Administrators Guide. If you have other questions, please contact us at 678.653.7090 or send an email to support@aveosystems.com.

Do you have training videos available for setting up Mira Connect?

Yes, we have a series of short training videos that start at the beginning and go to advanced applications. We suggest you start at the beginning if you haven’t used Mira Connect before.

How do I update the software on Mira Connect?

If Mira Connect has access Mira Portal, then each day Mira Connect will check for updates at the time set in the site settings for the Automatic Update Time. The default time is 12:00am in the local time zone. In addition, if you restart or power off and power on Mira Connect, Mira Connect will check for new software when it starts up.

Can I have more than one Mira Connect in a room?

No. While currently only one Mira Connect device is supported per room, you can use the remote control version of Mira Connect to provide additional virtual controllers in a room.

Can I customize the background image and logo of Mira Connect?

Yes, the background image, logo, and custom colors for the display on Mira Connect can be configured via the Visual Theme settings using the site settings.

What data is stored on Mira Portal?

Mira Portal stores information about the equipment IP addresses and control points, equipment status, and information about recent call types and durations.

How do I put different background images and logos into different rooms at my site?

All rooms at the same site will have the same background image and logo. If you need different background images and logos, create a new site and move the rooms of interest to the new site by using the Move to Site… function available by right clicking on the dots next to the room name in Mira Portal. Then customize the background image and logo of the new site.

Who can see my data on Mira Portal?

Mira Portal access is limited to those users who have a Mira Portal account and have been assigned permissions to your organization or sites. As an organization or site administrator, you can add or remove access to other Mira Portal users.

What remote control capabilities are there?

Users with the proper permissions can remotely operate Mira Connect from their web browser. This means someone can sit in the back of a room and manage a call, for example, or an integrator can provide a helpdesk service and remotely help end-users in the room.

What features do I get with the Mira Connect Essentials service offering?

The Essentials service includes remote control capabilities via Mira Portal for remote management and text messaging if equipment goes offline.

How do I resolve a ‘Can’t connect’ message when Mira Connect tries to communicate with my equipment?

First, ensure you have the correct IP address for the equipment. Then make sure you have telnet enabled for the device. Check the integration guides available on the equipment page for information about how to enable network control for various devices. If using RS-232 via a Global Cache IP2SL, ensure you have the right baud rate. See our article about serial control best practices for additional information about serial control.

What features do I get with the Mira Connect Enterprise service offering?

The Enterprise service includes the features from the Essentials service plus Microsoft Office 365 Calendar support and future analytics of room usage.

Can I duplicate a room to use again with the same equipment and same control points?

Yes, use the Duplicate function for the room to copy all the room settings, except for the IP addresses of the equipment, to a new room. Then go to the equipment for the new room and enter the updated IP addresses, and your room will be ready to be paired with a Mira Connect in the new room.

Can I secure Mira Connect to the table to so that it doesn’t ‘walk off’ ?

Yes, there is a Kensington lock socket on the rear of the Mira Connect classic panel that can be used to secure the unit to a table.

Can I use Mira Connect wirelessly?

Yes, While Mira Connect has a wired ethernet interface, it can operate on wireless networks and, because it has a built-in battery, can operate without being plugged in for extended periods of time before it must be recharged. The new Mira Connect 10 does not have a battery, but can use an external 12V DC power supply.

How do I supply power to Mira Connect?

Mira Connect and Mira Connect 10 products are powered over its ethernet interface with PoE. When using Wi-Fi, Mira Connect Classic can operate for several hours or more, depending on use and battery charge without needing to be charged, but will eventually need to be connected to a PoE connection to recharge. The Mira Connect 10 does not have a battery, but can be connected to 12V DC power or can use PoE.

Is it ok to leave Mira Connect plugged into the PoE network all the time?

Yes. Mira Connect Classic uses smart battery charging technology to maximize the battery life and prevent overcharging. Mira Connect 10 does not have a battery.

Who has access to the Mira Connect remote control capabilities?

For Mira Portal users who have at least ‘Help Desk’ permissions, the remote control feature allows one to view the Mira Connect user interface and control the room remotely through Mira Portal. Any changes to the room state are also shown directly on the Mira Connect that is in the room. Mira Portal users who do not have help desk permissions do not have access to the remote control capabilities.

Can more than one person access the remote control capabilities at the same time?

Yes. All users who have at least ‘Help Desk’ permissions have access to the remote control feature and can control the room just as if they were using the Mira Connect in the room. For example, you could have the IT person at the organization using the remote control capabilities while an integrator is also using the remote control capabilities at the same time.

Can I set a static IP address on Mira Connect?

Not currently, but it may be added in a future software update. As the IP address that Mira Connect receives doesn’t matter as long as it is on the same subnet or has a route to devices it will control, Mira Connect requires a DHCP server for its IP address.

Does Mira Connect support secure communications?

Yes. Mira Connect only uses secure https communication to Mira Portal using port 443.

What network ports does Mira Connect communicate on?

Mira Connect uses TCP over port 443 with the secure https protocol to communicate with Mira Portal and to download new software. Mira Connect will also communicate via TCP to the devices it controls over the ports specified by the devices. For example, Mira Connect communicates to a Polycom SoundStructure on port 52774 or 52775 (if there is a password on the system) and communicates to a Biamp DSP over port 23 or SSH. See our network considerations application note for more information.

Is access to Mira Portal encrypted?

Yes, logins and data transmitted between Mira Connect and Mira Portal are encrypted using TLS. See our network considerations application note for more information.

What ports do I need to open up on my firewall for Mira Connect to connect to Mira Portal?

None. There is no need to change your firewall settings. Mira Connect makes secure outbound connections to Mira Portal using TLS and port 443 to ensure security. This is similar to someone using their browser to connect to any other secure website, such as their bank. Mira Connect initiates communication to Mira Portal and receives information it has requested from Mira Portal. Mira Portal does not communicate directly with Mira Connect unless Mira Connect has initiated the communication, so there are no ports to open on the firewall. See our network considerations application note for more information.

Does Mira Connect come in any color other than dark grey?

Currently dark grey is the only color option for off-the-shelf Mira Connect classic product. If your project requires a different color for Mira Connect, contact us to review options. The Mira Connect 10 products come in a dark black ABS plastic enclosure. For wall-mounted applications, the in-wall backbox metal bezel can be painted to match wall colors.

Does Mira Connect support a contact directory for one-touch dialing?

In the near future Mira Connect will be able to integrate with Microsoft Office 365 which provide directory support. Today, you can upload one or more contact directories to an organization and apply those directories to some or all of your rooms in the organization.

If I install a Mira Connect for my customer, and in the future the customer uses a different reseller, will they have access to the room and settings I configured in Mira Portal?

No. Unless you’ve granted access permissions to the new reseller or the end user, the new reseller will not have access to your Mira Connect organization, site, and room settings. The new reseller will either have to ask you for Mira Portal permissions or will have to create a new room in Mira Portal and configure the equipment, and pair the Mira Connect to the new room.

Can I change the layout of the control icons on the Mira Connect user interface?

No. The icon layout is fixed in a logical and user-friendly way. This is a core design element of the Ôpower of simplicityÕ model of Mira Connect.

What data is being tracked, polled, or accessed by Mira Connect and where is that information stored?

The data tracked, polled, and accessed includes equipment online status, mute, volume, phone status, type of call, and dialed number information. This information is used for analyzing room usage. The data is stored securely in the Mira Portal cloud. Users with proper permissions can view their own data securely via Mira Portal.

Does Mira Connect encrypt all data being transported?

Yes. Mira Connect encrypts all data transported to and from the cloud via https and TLS. See our network considerations application note for more information.

Can credential names and passwords be changed on the Mira Connect?

Login credentials must be changed in Mira Portal.

Do you publish a security and privacy policy?

Yes, here is our privacy policy.

Are analytics of room usage available?

Mira Portal will soon support information about room usage including the type and duration of calls in the room, organization, or site.

What happens when my one year of Enterprise service expires?

Mira Connect comes with one year of Enterprise service. Anytime during that one-year license or afterwards you can renew the service at the Enterprise or Essential service levels. If you don’t renew your service, you will still get software updates, your Mira Connect will continue to control the equipment in your room, and you will still be able to add, edit, and change equipment in the room. However without either Enterprise and Essential services, features associated with those service levels will not be accessible.

Can I purchase site licenses for Mira Connect and Mira Portal?

Site licenses are sold to end users via our authorized dealer network. Contact your installing dealer for pricing of Enterprise or Essentials service.

How do I purchase a service renewal?

Contact your installing dealer for pricing and renewal options.

Is there a wall-mounted version of Mira Connect?

Yes, see our article Mira Connect 10 is Available for more information about wall-mounting. There’s also a backbox for in-wall installations.

Can I renew a service even after it has expired?

Yes, at anytime you can add a service level to your room, allowing you to take advantage of the Essentials or Enterprise service features.

How long is the hardware warranty on Mira Connect?

Mira Connect comes with a one-year hardware warranty with options for extending that to multiple years.

Is there a penalty to renew if my Mira Portal service has already expired?

No, you don’t have to pay for any missing periods between when you had a license and where you are now. Service renewals start when you renew your service and end when the service period is over.

What’s covered by the Mira Connect hardware warranty?

The Aveo Systems limited warranty ensures that the system will operate as a room controller free from defects in workmanship and material under normal use and conditions. While the warranty is active, if a replacement unit is necessary, Aveo Systems provides advance replacement with ground shipment in both directions. Screen breakage is not covered by the factory warranty. The battery in the Mira Connect classic is warranted for one year and extended warranties do not include the battery.

Are multi-year service offerings available?

Yes, there are multiple year service offerings available. There are also multi-room or organization-wide licensing options.

Can I purchase an extended hardware warranty for Mira Connect?

Yes, there are extended hardware warranty options that extend coverage for up to an additional four years from the end of the one year warranty. Extended warranties must be purchased at the time of the system purchase. Extended warranties do not extend the factory one-year warranty for the battery.

How is security built into Mira Connect?

We use the security features provided by the Android operating system and the Mira Portal cloud application’s security rules to ensure secure operation of Mira Connect.

What is the Zoom Directory?

Each organization that has a Zoom software license (from Zoom) can enter users into their Zoom Directory using the https://zoom.us portal.  The Zoom users that are part of the Zoom account are then automatically available via the Zoom Rooms software for Mira Connect to display along with their online/offline status, allowing users to easily dial contacts and add contacts to an existing meeting.

Do I need to have Mira Portal Enterprise service to use the Zoom Rooms calendar or directory functions?

No. Mira Portal Enterprise is not required for Mira Connect to access the Zoom Rooms calendar or directory information.

Is there an extra license or cost to users for Mira Connect’s integration with Zoom Rooms?

No.  Aveo Systems created the driver and user interface for Zoom Rooms, and it is available to all Mira Connect users.  Mira Connect views the Zoom Rooms system as another video conferencing system in the ever-growing list of equipment supported by Mira Connect.

What can I do with Mira Connect and Zoom Rooms?

With Mira Connect you can dial calls directly, from meeting invitations, or from the Zoom directory.  You can start sharing-only meetings.  You can control multiple cameras in the room – including selecting which camera to send to the remote sites.  You can control the layout of the conferencing participants on the local screen.  You can control your audio settings – including mute and volume – and advanced settings such as speech reinforcement, overflow room audio, assistive listening, dialing telephony interfaces, and audio and video source switching.

Does Mira Connect run the Zoom conferencing application?

No, Mira Connect runs the Mira Connect software and controls the Zoom Rooms system which is running the Zoom software on the end user’s computer.

Zoom Rooms installations need to have a computer running the Zoom Rooms application software.  Mira Connect controls the PC – launching calls, managing audio, starting and ending content sharing, etc.

How does Mira Connect’s integration with Zoom Rooms differ from a traditional control system?

Mira Connect tightly integrates the Zoom user experience with control of all the other equipment in the room so the Zoom call controls and the room controls remain on a single control page, eliminating the need to switch between controlling the Zoom Rooms system and other equipment in the room.  Mira Connect makes the overall user experience seamless.

Mira Connect’s remote management and set-up makes it easier to manage installations and make changes remotely. Mira Connect and Mira Portal bring an enterprise-level solution to users without the associated cost or complexity to maintain it.

Mira Connect makes it easy to move a Mira Connect from one room to another by simply unpairing from one room and pairing to the next, allowing Mira Connect to be dynamically provisioned based on the room to which it is paired.

For an overview of how Mira Connect differs from a traditional control system, see our control system application note.

How does Mira Connect differ from the Zoom Rooms controller application?

Mira Connect is a full room control system. Key advantages of Mira Connect include:

  1. Mira Connect controls all the equipment in your room – displays, DSP audio devices, video switchers, and more.  With Mira Connect you only need one controller in the room.  This makes it easier for users to know how to use the room.
  2. Mira Connect extends the familiar Zoom user interface – users accustomed to Zoom’s software will be productive with Mira Connect immediately.
  3. Mira Connect provides secure remote access (via Mira Portal) for IT and support teams who aren’t in the room to help users.
  4. Mira Connect allows you to customize the look and feel of a Mira Connect screen to match the user’s branding – add a background image, logo, and change the sidebar colors.
  5. Mira Connect lets you preview the user interface before you purchase the system – see how easy it is for Mira Connect to integrate with the customer’s Zoom Rooms system and other AV equipment they may want to control.

How does Mira Connect control the Zoom Rooms computer?

Zoom released their Zoom Rooms control system application programming interface (ZR-CSAPI) on 2019.  Mira Connect controls the Zoom Rooms computer using the ZR-CSAPI, communicating securely with the Zoom Rooms computer.  Aveo Systems built its driver and user interface to make it easy for partners to use Mira Connect together with Zoom Rooms systems.

To get started controlling a Zoom Rooms computer, create an organization, site, and room in Mira Portal and add a Zoom Rooms system to your room from the equipment list.  Enter the IP address of the computer and the API passcode required to access the Zoom Rooms system.  You can click Simulate device if you don’t have an actual Zoom Rooms computer.  The user interface to control the Zoom Rooms system can be viewed on a Mira Connect paired to that room or by using the UI Preview option from the Mira Connect option.

Mira Connect will automatically download the Zoom directory and show the equipment connected to the Zoom Rooms computer – including USB cameras, and HDMI to USB content sharing devices.

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