Mira Connect Supports Contact Directories

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Mira Connect products are award-winning smart control systems for conference rooms, meeting spaces, huddle rooms, and other spaces. Mira Connect now supports contact directories. Users can import directory lists from various sources, including Gmail and Outlook/Office 365.

Mira Connect’s directory integration makes it easy to import one or more comma-separated-value (CSV) files of contact names with video and/or telephone numbers, and optional bridge numbers, passcodes, and user extensions. Links to an image of each contact person can also be included in the file so that the image of the person is displayed next to their contact information on the Mira Connect screen.

Once imported to an organization, the directory can be assigned to any or all rooms within the organization. In each room, Mira Connect presents an elegant directory of contacts, making it easy to dial meeting participants.

Even better, if the contact information includes a bridge number, passcode, or extension, Mira Connect dials it for the user automatically!

Mira Connect Directory view

Creating a directory starts with exporting contacts from your preferred contact management system (such as Gmail and Outlook/Office 365) to a CSV file. You can also manually create a CSV file from scratch, directly import the file into Mira Portal, and associate it with an organization. [Mira Portal is our cloud management platform for Mira Connect.] Once a directory has been associated with an organization, the directory can be used in any or all rooms that are affiliated with that organization within Mira Portal. You decide.

We know that our customers will be pleased that Mira Connect now supports contact directories.

To learn more about our supported CSV formats along with example CSV files, see our blog post on supported formats.

We’ve created a 4-step directory integration guide to show you how to add contact directories into Mira Portal so that they are available to use on the Mira Connect screen.

And if you need even more detailed information, see the ‘Adding Contact Directories to Mira Connect’ section in our Mira Connect Administrators Guide.

To see the CSV file for the example in the image above, download this CSV file.

For more information about Mira Connect, click here.

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