Mira Connect 10 AV Control System Now Available

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Mira Connect 10 with LED bars

Marietta, GA – Aveo Systems has announced that the Mira Connect 10, a touch display and integrated control system for users of audio visual equipment, is now available. Mira Connect 10 offers the same extensive functionality as Aveo Systems’ original Mira Connect, adding new options for tabletop, on-wall, or in-wall installations.

Mira Connect 10 provides simple set-up and ease of use in collaboration rooms of all kinds, allowing one-touch dialing from calendar invitations, display and projector management, video switching, volume and mute controls, camera controls, management of Zoom Rooms, and much more. No other control system or remote device is needed in the room. As with current Mira Connect products, the Mira Connect 10 does not require any programming for set-up and works seamlessly with a broad range of collaboration products.

Powered by a PoE connection or external power supply, Mira Connect 10 has a 10-inch touch display with tempered glass and a stylish, high-quality ABS plastic enclosure. The tabletop model includes an articulating stand where users can adjust the height and viewing angle. On-wall mounting is achieved with a standard 75 x 75 mm VESA mount; for in-wall installations, a metal backbox, adapter plate, and trim ring are available from Aveo Systems.

Mira Connect 10 is configured in minutes using Mira Portal, Aveo Systems’ could management platform. Using Mira Portal, room equipment is selected from the drop-down menus, and the user interface is built automatically as equipment in the room is added and options enabled. The user interface remains consistent and intuitive from room to room, regardless of equipment.

“End users are frustrated with traditional, expensive control systems with complex user interfaces. Mira Connect and the new Mira Connect 10 directly solve this pain point and provide intuitive and simple user experiences for rooms of all sizes,” said Craig Richardson, Aveo Systems CEO. “By making control intuitive, eliminating multiple equipment-specific controllers, and putting the control system in the most convenient location for users, our new form factors make it easier for people to use their collaboration rooms.”

Mira Connect and Mira Connect 10 support products and services from a large range of vendors including Zoom, Poly, Biamp, Shure, QSC, Symetrix, ClearOne, Cisco, Hall Research, Panasonic, Extron, Sharp, LG, Samsung, Bose, FSR, NEC, Sony, and many more; Microsoft Office 365 calendar integration is supported, as are user contact directories.

For more information on Mira Connect and the Mira Portal cloud management system, visit https://aveosystems.com.

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