Mira Connect Controls Audio-Technica ATND1061

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Use Mira Connect to control Audio-Technica ATND1061Aveo System’s Mira Connect A/V control solution makes it easy to control an Audio-Technica ATND1061 Beamforming Ceiling Array Microphone. The ATND1061 is designed for conference rooms, boardrooms, and meeting spaces and is easy to install, set up, and operate. Equally easy to set up and use, Mira Connect is the ideal choice to add unified control of the beamforming microphone and the rest of the equipment in the room.

The beamforming array microphone can be customized with Audio-Technica’s user-friendly Digital Microphone Manager software application. The ATND1061 supports six individual output channels, which can be configured into many user-defined microphone pickup zones, providing the flexibility to cover a wide variety of room sizes and meeting types.

Audio-Technica ATND1061 Beamforming Ceiling Array Microphone

Mira Connect can control the mute of all the audio channels from the ATND1061, manage individual zone mutes, and recall presets for dynamically changing pickup zones, equalization, or other microphone settings.

No programming is required to set up a Mira Connect system. And once configured, Mira Connect’s user interface is generated automatically, streamlining the process for integration partners to build A/V control systems and providing a consistent user experience for end-users. Customize the user interface with the client’s preferred background image, logo, and sidebar colors.

Mira Connect user interface to control audio

Mira Connect A/V Control System controlling Audio-Technica ATDN1061 microphone zones, room mute, and other equipment in the room.

Mira Connect offers a patent-pending, touchless A/V control feature for room users called Mira Connect Me. When enabled, a user can quickly control the ATND1061 and the rest of their room from their personal device. Simply point the camera of their personal device at the optional QR code shown on the Mira Connect touchscreen, and the user interface will appear on the user’s device. With Mira Connect Me, there’s no need to download any application first. To learn more and see a video of how Mira Connect Me works, click here or scan this QR code. Once Mira Connect’s user interface appears on your personal device, you can control the room from anywhere, gaining flexibility in your meeting or classroom.

To get started using Mira Connect to control an Audio-Technica ATND1061 Beamforming Array Microphone, create a no-cost Mira Portal account, and follow the steps in our integration guide. You’ll be up and running within just a few minutes.

And since Mira Connect includes a built-in emulator for the Audio-Technica ATND1061, you can preview and experience the Mira Connect user interface as if it’s controlling a real ATND1061 microphone — before you have purchased ANY equipment. It’s a great way to show your clients what they’ll be getting.

Learn more about Mira Connect here.

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