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Aveo Systems has released a new version of Mira Portal, its cloud management system, that includes UI Preview, a feature that makes it easy to demonstrate Mira Connect and show how the finished system will look, even when you don’t yet have a real Mira Connect touch screen control appliance.

To see UI Preview in action, browse to Mira Portal, log in (or create a new account), and follow the tutorial for creating an organization, site, and room. Then click the Preview Mira Connect link in the Mira Connect area. As you add equipment and configure the control points, the UI preview in your browser will update and preview the entire user interface so you can see and test exactly how the system will look and feel.

Just like with a real Mira Connect system, you configure the equipment, change the background image, add a logo, set colors, enable Office 365 calendar integration, and more. As the UI Preview does not control real equipment, text message alerts are not supported with the UI Preview.

The Mira Connect Preview banner on the screen and the ‘blue eye’ icon on the browser tab are reminders that you are previewing the user interface and not controlling an actual room. One user can preview the user interface at a time and a new user will automatically cause the session to expire for the currently active preview. Pairing a Mira Connect to the room will cause the UI preview to expire.

The browser tab shows the eye icon, making it easy to find your UI Preview tab.

Why UI Preview is Important

Now everyone can demo Mira Connect in their browser and share the power, ease-of-set-up, and ease-of-use of Mira Connect with more potential customers.

Partners and end users now can see and interact with the Mira Connect user experience even before a real Mira Connect is installed in that room.

How does UI Preview differ from Remote Control?

UI preview uses simulated equipment – a feature that’s been available in Mira Portal from the beginning – to make it easy to build any system you’d like with your desired equipment and its capabilities. The User Interface preview is only available when there is no Mira Connect paired to the room.

If there is a Mira Connect paired to the room, the Remote Control feature is available to control the actual paired Mira Connect from a web browser.

With Mira Portal, you no longer need an actual Mira Connect paired to the room to show how Mira Connect and Mira Portal create exceptional user experiences. Try it today!

For a demo of the Mira Connect UI Preview feature, see our short video here.

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