Mira Connect

Mira Connect is a tabletop touchscreen collaboration control appliance for controlling and managing conference rooms, offices, huddle spaces, and the equipment in those rooms.

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Mira Connect is a tabletop control appliance that provides an intuitive touch-based user interface for collaboration equipment so anyone can easily launch calls to connect with other sites and manage the audio and video and the room. Mira Connect makes it easy for conference participants to:

  • Dial contacts from directory lists, recent calls, favorites, or through direct dialing
  • Join scheduled calls with a single touch through calendar integration
  • Intuitively position a video conferencing camera
  • Start and stop content sharing
  • Adjust audio levels
  • Mute microphones
  • And more

Mira Connect’s user interface is professionally designed and automatically generated based on the equipment added to the room. For example adding a Polycom SoundStructure audio conferencing device and Polycom RealPresence Group Series video codec allows the conference participant to easily dial audio calls using the telephony resources on the SoundStructure product, video calls, or both with Mira Connect.

Mira Connect is a control system and user interface for conferencing systems. For many collaboration rooms there is no need for a third-party control system and touch screen nor for a vendor-specific user interface that just controls one vendor’s device in the room.

Mira Connect is designed for the majority of collaboration installations where a traditional control system’s cost, breadth of scope, and complexity is not required, yet a manufacturer’s specific user interface’s focus is too narrow and limiting.

How Mira Connect Works

Mira Connect uses local network access through wired or wireless Ethernet to control video codecs, audio DSP’s, and other equipment in the room.


Mira Connect sends equipment and room status information securely to Mira Portal using transport layer security (TLS 1.2) and an encrypted connection for remote management, remote help desk support, and Concierge mode support. Your collaboration session is always secure and private as no audio or video communication data is ever sent to Mira Portal.

Mira Connect Training Videos

Want to see how easy it is to setup Mira connect? View our series of training videos here: Mira Connect Training Videos

End User Benefits

  • Start meetings on time, every time
  • Consistent user experience from room to room allows use of any collaboration room
  • Intuitive design allows users to be productive immediately

AV/IT Manager Benefits

  • Consistent user interface reduces end-user training costs and increases conferencing ROI
  • Lowers system installation and maintenance time and costs
  • Proactive notifications of operational issues before end-users are affected
  • Reduces support costs and trouble tickets through ease of use and remote management
  • Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet with PoE enhances installation options

Partner Benefits

  • No custom programming requirement reduces installation time and complexity
  • Easily support users while onsite or from any location reducing expensive call backs to site
  • Dashboard and notifications simplify room and equipment management


  • Manages audio and video conferencing rooms
  • Works with Polycom™ and Cisco™ video conferencing equipment
  • Seamless integration with popular DSP audio devices including Polycom SoundStructure
  • Connects with Mira Portal for setup and remote management of systems
  • No programming required. Mira Portal is used to add the equipment. The user interface is automatically created
  • Power over Ethernet network connection powers the Mira Connect
  • Wired or wireless Ethernet capable



  • Wired or wireless Ethernet connectivity to the equipment to be controlled and managed
  • Ethernet connectivity to the cloud-based Mira Portal system
  • Mira Portal Essentials or Enterprise service


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