Mira Portal Service Level Comparison

Mira Portal is the cloud service for configuring and managing collaboration systems that use Mira Connect.

There are two service levels for Mira Connect: Essentials and Enterprise.

The Essentials service level is designed for customers who want to control equipment in the room with the Mira Connect system and also want the remote control capabilities and notifications about equipment issues. With notifications, if your room goes down because equipment goes offline, your staff will know about it before your users.

The Enterprise service level is designed for customers who want the Essentials service functionality and also want Office 365 calendar integration and future analytics about room usage.

Each new Mira Connect controller includes 12-months of Enterprise service, and service renewals can be with Essentials, Enterprise, or the service could lapse.

A Mira Connect without a service still operates as a room controller and can be configured and monitored via Mira Portal, but would not have access to Essential or Enterprise service features as outlined in the following table.

Capability Description Service Type
None Essentials Enterprise
Room control with intuitive user-interface
All the functionality required for controlling devices in the room and the easy-to-use interface for room participants. Add organizations, sites, rooms, and equipment. Ability to edit and change equipment in the room.
Dashboard for room and equipment status monitoring
Informative dashboard showing status of all your organizations, sites, and rooms and equipment in the rooms.
Software Updates
Get the latest software updates easily for the Mira Connect system from Mira Portal. Updates happen automatically by scheduling them for your site’s off-hours or you can manually update when you are ready. Updates include new features, fixes, and new equipment support.
Add corporate logo, background image, and colors to Mira Connect
Brand Mira Connect with your customer’s logo, custom background image, and customized colors. Mira Portal makes it easy to import and use an organization’s branding on the Mira Connect display.
Dial calls from an imported local contact list
Import a CSV file of contacts and phone and video numbers.  The contact list is available for all rooms in your site.
Remote control of the room
With proper Mira Portal permissions, the remote control feature opens a web page where a user can view and use the same interface as participants in the room.
Notifications of room or equipment issues sent via text message.
Equipment and room status changes are logged as events.  Certain events can trigger a notification by text message so you’re aware of changes in the system.  Notifications reduce room downtime as the right people learn about the room’s status immediately.
Calendar support with one-touch dialing
Integrate directly with your Microsoft Office 365 service or calendar items from your Polycom Group Series video conferencing system to access scheduled meetings for the meeting room. When the room is scheduled, users can join meetings with a single press on Mira Connect. Mira Connect also shows upcoming meetings for the room.
Analytics of room and equipment usage
(Coming soon) Room usage including video and audio call minutes can be measured and summarized by room, site, or organization to understand how rooms are used and to justify additional room resources.

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