Mira Portal Service Level Comparison

Mira Portal is the cloud management platform for configuring and managing audio-visual systems controlled by Mira Connect.

The purchase of a Mira Connect appliance (Mira Connect 10 or Mira Connect Classic) includes a subscription for 12 months of the Advanced service. After 12 months the service level for appliances reverts to a perpetual subscription of Basic service at no charge. If advanced features are desired beyond the first 12 months, a subscription for Advanced services may be purchased annually.

The Basic and Advanced feature comparison is shown in the following table.





Room control with intuitive user-interface All the functionality required for controlling devices in the room and the easy-to-use Mira Connect interface for room participants. Add organizations, sites, rooms, and equipment in Mira Portal. Includes the ability to edit and change equipment in the room.
Dashboard for room and equipment status monitoring Informative Mira Portal dashboard showing status of all your organizations, sites, and rooms and equipment in the rooms.
Software updates Get the latest software updates easily for the Mira Connect system from Mira Portal. Updates happen automatically by scheduling them for your site’s off-hours or you can manually update when you are ready. Updates include new features, fixes, and new equipment support.
Add corporate logo, background image, and colors to Mira Connect Brand Mira Connect with your customer’s logo, custom background image, and customized colors. Mira Portal makes it easy to import and use an organization’s branding on the Mira Connect touch screen.
Dial calls from an imported local contact list Import CSV files of contacts with phone and video numbers. Multiple contact lists can be imported and selectively enabled for a room. Imported contacts lists can be in addition to equipment-specific directories, such as from a Zoom directory.
  Mira Connect Room Control API (Coming soon) The Mira Connect Room Control API allows third-party software and applications to control a Mira Connect room. Mira Connect handles the details of controlling the equipment in the room, and the API provides access to control the features of the room.
Remote control for support teams Help desks, IT teams, and Integrators can use Mira Portal to remotely support Mira Connect users. With a Mira Portal account with proper permissions, the Mira Portal remote control feature opens a web page for a remote support person to view and use the same interface as participants in the room.  Remote control can be accessed on mobile devices, making it easy to permanently support more than one controller in a room.
Mira Connect Me – Remote control for users Once the Mira Connect Me option is activated within Mira Portal, users in a room with a Mira Connect can quickly and securely access the Mira Connect user interface on their personal devices without needing a Mira Portal account.  Users scan a QR code or enter a unique passcode on https://miraconnect.me to access the UI within seconds without touching the Mira Connect panel.  User sessions expire automatically. No special application is required on the user’s device.
Notifications of room or equipment issues sent via text message Equipment and room status changes are logged as events. Certain events can trigger a notification by text message so you’re aware of changes in the system. Notifications reduce room downtime as the right people learn about the room’s status immediately.
Calendar support with one-touch dialing Integrate directly with the room’s Microsoft Office 365 calendar to access scheduled meetings for the meeting room. When the room resource is scheduled, users can join meetings with one touch on Mira Connect. Mira Connect shows approximately two weeks of upcoming meetings for the room.

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