Mira Connect Controls Yamaha ADECIA

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Aveo Systems’ Mira Connect now controls the Yamaha ADECIA family of collaboration products.

With tabletop or ceiling microphones and line array speaker solutions, the Yamaha ADECIA family of solutions are perfect for meeting spaces and classroom applications. The Yamaha ADECIA solutions have been designed to be easy for partners to implement.

Now with Mira Connect, it’s also easy to add a professionally-designed user interface to deliver intuitive control of the Yamaha ADECIA system in just a few minutes.

Mira Connect makes it easy to control microphone mutes, input and output mute and volume adjustments, and dialing telephone calls. With support for direct dial, contact directories, and one-touch dialing from calendar invitations, Mira Connect makes it simple to dial calls and join meetings.

Mira Connect also integrates with other equipment in the room, including displays, video switchers, video codecs, and more, so users can control their entire room from one touch panel.

And when Mira Connect Me touchless A/V control is enabled, users can quickly control the Yamaha ADECIA and the rest of their room from their personal devices. Simply point the camera of the personal device at the QR code shown on the Mira Connect touchscreen, and the user interface will appear on the user’s device without needing to download an application. You can learn more and see a video of how Mira Connect Me works by actually scanning the QR code on the right. (It brings you to our blog post about Mira Connect Me.)

Once Mira Connect’s user interface appears on your personal device, you can control the room from anywhere, gaining flexibility in your meetings or classrooms.

To get started using Yamaha ADECIA products with Mira Connect, see our integration guide. As no programming is required to integrate a Yamaha ADECIA with Mira Connect, you can set up the control system and have it running within minutes.

And since Mira Connect includes a built-in emulator for the Yamaha ADECIA products, you can experience the Mira Connect user interface in your computer’s browser even before you have purchased any equipment.

To learn more, contact Aveo Systems, and we’d be happy to schedule a demo with you.

Aveo Systems is a leading provider of intuitive and easy-to-use control solutions for audio, video, and collaboration, improving how systems are used and managed by customers worldwide.

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