Mira Connect Version 1.35.0 Release Notes

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Released: April 10, 2021

The Mira Connect version 1.35.0 is a full release with the following new functionality:

  • AV over IP video switcher support for Just Add Power, AVPro Edge, and Blustream
  • ClearOne Converge Pro 2 DSP audio support with PSTN and VoIP interfaces
  • Support for multiple families of Samsung Pro TVs
  • Further enhancements to Zoom Rooms applications
  • And more

For details, please read further.

New Features

  • Enhanced support for emphasizing a Zoom participant’s hand raise status, both by animating the list of participants shown on Mira Connect and by flashing the optional LED bars on Mira Connect 10 to indicate a participant has raised their hand. Note that the hand raise feature is supported only on Windows-based Zoom Rooms. Zoom has a bug with their Mac-based Zoom Rooms that doesn’t generate hand-raise information over the Zoom Rooms CS-API. To stay up-to-date on Zoom’s releases, see our Zoom Rooms Software Status page. See our article, Mira Connect and Zoom Rooms, for more information.

New Equipment Supported

This release adds support for thirteen new product/product families from the following manufacturers:

  • Added support for Atlona’s AT-HDR-H2H-88MA and AT-HDR-H2H-44MA video switchers. For details, see the Atlona integration guide.
AVPro Edge
  • Added support for AVPro Edge MXNet-based video over IP transmitters and receivers. Mira Connect automatically discovers the transmitters and receivers, making it easy to control video matrices of any size. See our article, Mira Connect and AVPro Edge MXNet, for more information. For details, see the AVPro Edge integration guide.
  • Added support for Denon AVR receivers for video switching, volume, and mute control. For details, see the Denon AVR integration guide.
i3 Technologies
Just Add Power
  • Added support for Just Add Power 3G transmitters and receivers for video over IP networks using VLAN switching. Mira Connect automatically discovers the transmitters and receivers on Luxul and Cisco switches, making it easy to control video matrices of any size. See our article, Mira Connect and Just Add Power, for more information. For details, see the Just Add Power integration guide.
Liberty AV
  • Added support for Samsung Pro TVs that require Wake-on-LAN and use the https protocol and require an authentication token. TV tuner controls and channel favorites are supported on the TV tuner input.

    Mira Connect makes it easy to request an authentication token from the display. Supported models include the BET-H series, QN Series, and a universal driver for future models. See our article, Mira Connect and Samsung Pro TVs, for more information. For details, see the Samsung Pro TV integration guide.

  • Added support for the Samsung SMT C-series cable TV receiver. For details, see the Samsung SMT C-series integration guide.



  • General fixes and improvements to Mira Portal and Mira Connect.

  • Fixed an issue where, in some cases when using mute presets with a Biamp Tesira, duplicate control points may have been incorrectly identified.

  • Added support for password-protected Extron video switchers in Mira Portal. Users can now enter a password in Mira Portal’s Connection tab when adding the equipment to their room.

  • Added Wake-on-LAN support for Samsung Professional/commercial displays. To use Wake-on-LAN, you must enter the MAC address of the display. For details, see the Samsung Professional integration guide.

  • Improved support for detecting a Logitech Screen Share connected to a Zoom Rooms system.

  • Improved support for controlling different types of USB cameras connected directly to a Zoom Rooms system and controlled through the Zoom Rooms system.

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