Mira Connect Version 1.36.0 Release Notes

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Released: May 11, 2021

The Mira Connect version 1.36.0 is a full release with the following new functionality:

  • Alfatron SMW42s and 21E-codec video switchers
  • TOA Lenubio AM-CF1 array microphone support
  • General improvements

For details, please read further.

New Features

  • Added support for using the Zoom Meet Now feature even when a Zoom directory is not enabled in the room settings.

New Equipment Supported

This release adds support for two new product/product families from the following manufacturers:

Alfatron Electronics
  • Added support for the Alfatron Electronics SMW42s video switcher and wireless content sharing system and the ALF-21E-codec video switcher. The SMW42s is initialized for matrix operation, allowing the two HDMI outputs to be switched independently with Mira Connect. For details, see the Alfatron integration guide.

TOA Electronics
  • Added support for controlling mute and volume of the TOA Lenubio AM-CF1 array microphone. For details, see the TOA AM-CF1 integration guide.


  • Improved initialization of volume and mute settings for equipment that must be powered on before querying the mute and volume values.

  • Fixed an issue that could toggle the power state on IR-controlled TV tuners when initiating control.

  • Fixed an issue where powering off an already powered-off Samsung Pro TVs could power on the device.

  • Fixed an issue where some AvPro Edge MXNet detected inputs could appear as invalid.

  • Added support for ClearOne Converge Pro 2 products with telephony interfaces to automatically dial meeting codes and passcodes from calendar invitations.

  • Added support for power standby mode for the i3 Technologies i3 Touch EX-Series displays.

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent detecting all the inputs and outputs for large Just Add Power Systems.

  • Improved initialization of the Klark Teknik DM8000 to ensure the driver reconnects in all cases after the DSP is restarted.

  • Added support for Vizio displays that only use power toggle commands.

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