Mira Connect Version 1.31.0 Release Notes

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Released: October 8, 2020

The Mira Connect 1.31.0 release adds Lutron RadioRA2 lighting support, one-touch dialing of Zoom calls with a passcode in a calendar invite, Wake-on-LAN support for LG displays, BluStream video switcher support, large Zoom directory support, enhancements to Mira Connect Me, and option to not show the Recent Calls information on Mira Connect.

New Features

  • Added Wake-on-LAN support for Mira Connect for LG displays. LG displays that are controlled over RS-232 or Ethernet can now be easily powered on once they are powered off. Simply enable Wake-on-LAN for the display and add the display’s MAC address and connection port in Mira Portal.

    See our Wake-on-LAN blog post for more information.

  • Added support for Lutron RadioRA2 wireless lighting systems. Mira Connect supports changing presets from button presses on real and virtual keypads and adjusting dimming of individual lighting loads. See the Lutron integration guide for more information.

  • Added support for the Blustream MFP62, MFP72, and MFP112 presentation video switchers. Video switching and room volume control is supported. See the Blustream integration guide for more information.

  • Added support for one-touch dialing of calendar-scheduled Zoom video calls when a passcode is included in the meeting invitation. Due to limitations of the Zoom Rooms CS-API, an Office 365 calendar integration is required for Mira Connect to receive the passcode from the meeting invitation.

    Once the Office 365 calendar is enabled for the room, users can one-touch join Zoom calendar meetings that include a Zoom passcode. For more information about using Office 365 calendar, see our blog post.


  • Mira Connect Me default session durations can be adjusted in the site settings in Mira Portal. Simply adjust the value and click save. The default session duration is 1 hour, but can now be set from 1 to 24 hours. A longer duration means that a user in the room can control the room from their personal device for longer without having to re-scan a new QR code. See the Mira Connect Me article for more information.

  • The Recent Calls icon and call information on Mira Connect can now be removed by unchecking the Remote Calls Enabled control in the site settings in Mira Portal. By default, Recent Calls are enabled. In the screen capture below, Recent Calls are not enabled.

  • Improved Zoom Rooms directory management support for retrieving and searching large Zoom directories with tens of thousands of directory entries.

  • Improved Philips display driver power-on operation and user experience for Philips displays based on the Himalaya and QL platforms to accommodate the power-on timing of the different platforms.

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