One-Touch Dialing: Mira Connect and Microsoft® Office 365

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With our latest software release, Mira Connect integrates with Microsoft’s Office 365 calendar and scheduling system.  Now the room’s meeting schedule and dial-in information appear on the Mira Connect touch screen, making it easy for users to dial calls and bridge numbers with just one-touch.



Why is this important?

  • One-Touch dialing gets users into meetings on time.  Every time. Hassle free.
  • Meeting passcodes are dialed automatically
  • Spend less time dialing the meeting so you can get to what’s important
  • Dial either audio or video conference meetings based on the equipment in your room
  • No other equipment or servers are needed – only Mira Connect in the room and Office 365 room resources
  • No programming is required with Mira Connect

Setting up the system is easy:

  1. In Office 365, configure your conference rooms with room resource accounts so the rooms can be scheduled and accept meeting invitations
  2. In Mira Portal, associate the room resource’s calendar with the room in Mira Portal
  3. Schedule meetings using the room resource and meeting invitations will appear on Mira Connect, ready to dial

Meetings appear on the Mira Connect touch screen with the best way to dial the call visible on the calendar card.  If the meeting invitation includes other ways to dial into the meeting, those other options can be viewed and dialed by the room user based on the equipment in the room.

For an overview of Mira Connect, see the product summary sheet.

For training, detailed instructions for setting up the system, product brochures, and more, see the Mira Connect family product page at


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