Control ClearOne Converge Pro 2 with Mira Connect

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Control ClearOne Converge Pro 2 with Mira ConnectAveo Systems’ Mira Connect™ audio-visual (AV) touchscreen control system now supports the ClearOne Converge Pro 2 family of advanced multi-channel microphone automixer and conferencing products. Converge Pro 2 products are designed for conference rooms, training rooms, lecture halls, court rooms, telemedicine theaters, houses of worship, and other collaborative environments.

With Mira Connect, partners and their end-customers can easily control and manage the latest ClearOne products, along with the rest of the AV equipment in the room, in all collaborative environments. With support for hundreds of AV products, Mira Connect presents an integrated and intuitive user-centered experience for customers using systems of any size.

How To Control ClearOne Converge Pro 2 Products with Mira Connect

To get started, partners first configure their ClearOne Converge Pro 2 products using the ClearOne CONSOLE AI software. This step creates the signal processing and channel names in the Converge Pro 2 products that Mira Connect will use to control the system.

Once the Converge Pro 2 products are configured, Mira Connect connects to the ClearOne Converge Pro 2 products over a network connection and discovers the channel names, processing blocks, and telephony interfaces, making it easy for partners to select what they’d like to control.

In Mira Portal, partners choose the various control points for mutes, volumes, and VoIP and PSTN telephony channels, and Mira Connect builds the user interface immediately, including support for dialing from directories, one-touch dialing from calendar invitations, and direct dialing.

While Mira Connect is configured through Mira Portal, Mira Connect uses the control points and the Converge Pro 2 application programming interface to directly control the system over the local network.

Partners can add more equipment to their room including displays, video switchers, video conferencing systems, lighting systems, and more to deliver a fully-configured control system for their users. Mira Connect presents an intuitive and consistent user interface for users.

An example with calendar integration for one-touch dialing of audio and video calls is shown below.

You can explore the Mira Connect user interface further with our free Mira Connect self-guided tour.

For detailed steps to integrate with the Converge Pro 2 products, see our Converge Pro 2 integration guide.

Integration guides for all products that Mira Connect controls are available on our supported equipment page.

To build your own system, create a no-cost Mira Portal account. Follow the steps in the integration guide and you can experience the user interface in your browser in just a few minutes.

The Mira Connect Advantage

An important advantage of Mira Connect for partners and end-users is that, unlike traditional control systems, Mira Connect requires no programming. Aveo Systems has built a platform that makes it easy for partners to set up their Mira Connects using Mira Portal, our cloud-based management software for Mira Connect.

Mira Connect also has built-in remote management and equipment status notifications of the system, perfect for an IT/AV support team that may not be located near the room. Remote IT/AV teams can control the entire Mira Connect user interface for all their rooms from their browser.

And for room users who prefer not to touch a shared touchscreen or would like to control the room from anywhere in the room, we’ve designed our patent-pending Mira Connect Me, allowing users to quickly, easily, and safely access Mira Connect’s user interface temporarily on their own personal devices.

Mira Connect is an A/V control system that controls displays, audio processors, projectors, cameras, video codecs (including Zoom Rooms), video switchers, lighting systems, and much more — all without the need for custom programming. Enter the equipment in a ‘room’ created in Mira Portal, pair the ‘room’ with a Mira Connect touchscreen, and a professional user interface is immediately created. Available in tabletop and wall-mounted options, Mira Connect presents an intuitive user experience for any audio/visual application including conference rooms, training rooms, courtrooms, houses of worship, higher-education, retail, and more.

To learn more, go to Aveo Systems or contact us for a consultation/demo.

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