Mira Connect Version 1.38.0 Release Notes

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Released: October 12, 2021

The Mira Connect version 1.38.0 is a full release with the following new functionality:

  • Password support for preventing unauthorized use of the Mira Connect touch panel
  • Screen cleaning mode for cleaning Mira Connect
  • Support for controlling Extron audio DSP for Extron DTP video switcher models
  • Added an elapsed call timer in the Mira Portal call status page
  • Support for acknowledging that a Zoom Rooms meeting is being recorded
  • Added a meeting recording indicator for Zoom calls
  • Added support of Sharp Aquos displays over infrared (IR), LiteTouch displays, and the Atlona AT-UHD-CLSO-824 video switcher
  • General improvements

For details, please read further.

New Features

  • Added support for a password on Mira Connect to prevent unauthorized access. Users can manually lock the touch panel while using it and also set a timeout after which the system will be locked. When the room is powered off, the touch panel will lock automatically if a password is defined.

    To set the password, edit the room settings in Mira Portal and specify the password and the amount of time before the system requires the password to be entered again. See our article, Password Protection on Mira Connect, for more information.

The Mira Portal password and the password timeout are stored with the room settings.

  • Added support for a screen cleaning mode on Mira Connect. Press and hold the clock for 5-seconds to initiate a 20-second cleaning mode where all screen touches are ignored. See our article, Cleaning and disinfecting Mira Connect Touchscreens, for more information.

  • Added support for controlling the DSP audio features for Extron DTP CrossPoint 4k series and the DTP CrossPoint 84 video switchers. The Audio DSP features of the video switcher family can be configured just like other supported audio DSP’s using the Audio Control tab in Mira Portal. See our article, Extron Integration Guide, for more information.

  • Added elapsed time to Mira Portal’s In Call dashboard. Now it’s easy to see which rooms in your organizations are in a call and the duration of those calls.

  • Added support for users to acknowledge that the Zoom call is being recorded when Mira Connect dials a Zoom call with recording in progress. Mira Connect presents a status message and allows the user to agree to being recorded or leave the call.

  • Added a meeting recording indicator to the Zoom call card to show when the meeting is being recorded.

New Equipment Supported

This release adds support for three new product/product families from the following manufacturers:

Lite The Nite Technologies
  • Added support for controlling Lite The Nite Technologies’ LiteTouch displays using RS-232 and Ethernet. For details, see the LiteTouch integration guide.
Sharp Aquos
  • Added support for controlling Sharp Aquos displays using Infrared (IR). A Global Cache IP2IR interface is required for controlling the display. For details, see the Sharp IR integration guide.


  • Automatically turn off auto-switching on the Alfatron SMW42s video switcher.

  • Fixed an issue where an incoming PSTN or VoIP call was not being displayed when using a Poly SoundStructure device.

  • Fixed an issue where channel favorites were not being executed on an iView TV Tuner.

  • Updated the QSC Q-Sys DSP driver to detect sound reinforcement channels on the Audio Control page in Mira Portal.

  • Improved connection and channel discovery for older versions of the Shure P300 firmware.

  • Improved Mira Connect UI performance after dialing into a Zoom call with hundreds of participants.

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