Mira Connect Version 1.32.0 Release Notes

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The Mira Connect 1.32.1 release is a maintenance release that resolves an issue with connecting to AV Pro Edge video switchers that was introduced in version 1.32.0.

Released: October 29, 2020

The Mira Connect 1.32.0 release includes the ability to schedule daily room power-off events, Wake-on-LAN support for Sharp Aquos displays, support for Lightware’s MMX family of video switchers, and extends support for Kramer products to include the VP-774A presentation switcher.

New Features

  • Mira Connect now supports powering off all rooms in a site at a scheduled time that can vary by day of week. To configure in Mira Portal, edit the site settings and enter the desired time to power off the room for each day of the week. You can easily copy the settings to all days, to all week days, or to weekends.

    A scheduled room power-off event behaves just like the power off button on Mira Connect and will turn off displays in the room; set the room volume back to its default value; mute sound reinforcement, overflow rooms, assistive listening; select the default inputs on displays; and dim the Mira Connect screen. Unlike the power off button, if the room is in a call at the scheduled time, the scheduled power-off will be automatically reset for one hour later. The scheduled power-off will be automatically delayed up to three times while a call is in progress before it is canceled for that day.

  • Added Wake-On-LAN support to Sharp Aquos displays. To use Wake-on-LAN, first enable Wake-on-LAN on the display. Next, in Mira Portal, enter the MAC address of the display and the default port number (port 10002 for Sharp Aquos). Mira Connect will then automatically send the Wake-on-LAN packet to the display when the user tells the system to power on the display.

    For Sharp displays that support Wake-on-LAN, an optional field for MAC address will appear on the connection tab as shown in the following figure.

See our Wake-on-LAN article for more information.

  • Added support for controlling Lightware MMX series of video switchers over Ethernet or RS-232 connections. See the Lightware integration guide for more information.

  • Added support for the Kramer VP-774A presentation video switcher. See the Kramer integration guide for more information.


  • Improved the performance of the Sharp Professional display driver to account for commands with varied timing across different Sharp Professional display models.
  • Fixed the positioning of the Hang Up All button when multiple calls are active simultaneously on Mira Connect.

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