Pan, Tilt, Zoom Cameras supported by Mira Connect

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Mira Connect’s latest software release supports controlling VISCA-compatible pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras over RS-232 or Ethernet, allowing designers to add one or more cameras to their room and have Mira Connect control the camera.

Why PTZ Support is Important

While Mira Connect already integrates with major video conferencing systems, including Polycom RealPresence Group series and Cisco SX Telepresence series, adding direct support for PTZ cameras allows Mira Connect to be used with many soft codec applications, including our upcoming release supporting Zoom Rooms.

Soft codecs typically have a dedicated room PC running video conferencing software. You can now add one or more PTZ cameras to the PC over USB and have Mira Connect control the cameras over RS-232 or Ethernet, depending on the camera model. Mira Connect can also control the display’s source selection, power, along with the room’s microphone mute, and volume levels.

Mira Connect makes it easy for users in the room to position the camera using the intuitive pan, tilt, and zoom controls. Mira Connect will also soon support recalling camera presets. Simply create the presets using the camera’s IR remote, and enter the preset number and description in Mira Portal.

To learn more details of how to integrate PTZ cameras with Mira Connect see our PTZ camera integration document.

You can also try it yourself with our Mira Connect UI Preview.

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