Canadian School Board TVDSB Using Mira Connect

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TVDSB using Mira Connect

The Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) in London, Ontario, Canada administers 160 schools serving approximately 77,000 students across three counties. The TVDSB recently commissioned a comprehensive collaboration system from system integrator, XAV Solution Inc., which incorporated three Viewsonic Viewboards, a Poly SoundStructure with telephone interface, a Poly Group Series 310 videoconferencing system, and a Shure wireless mic.

Thames Valley District School Board TVDSB using Mira Connect AV Control System

TVDSB is using an Aveo Systems Mira Connect™ Classic for access and control of the system. The Mira Connect device provides one-touch initialization of all AV equipment in the room along with access to the School Board’s Microsoft Exchange calendar and Microsoft Teams meetings.

“The installation of the Mira Connect to manage this AV system was relatively easy and painless,” said Jean-François Landriault of XAV Solution Inc. “The only thing that made this more challenging than normal was the need for some additional drivers and a few special requests for user access. Aveo Systems went above and beyond in this regard.”

For full implementation, Aveo Systems wrote and tested drivers for the Viewboards and also created functionality for adding prefixes where needed for outside calls while keeping internal calls prefix-free. Additionally, Aveo Systems added an option for TVDSB to turn off camera tracking when desired.

“The system works perfectly for the users, and it’s worth mentioning that Thames took immediate advantage of the Mira Connect Me option for personal device access to the system, which did not cost any extra.”

“The interface on our Mira Connect Classic is intuitive and straightforward,” said Supai Chin, ITS Group Leader SA2 of TVDSB. “Users can find the meeting schedules quickly and are able to join a selected meeting with one touch-button. Our IT department loves the fact that we can remotely manage the device via Mira Portal with minimum downtime. We are very pleased that the Mira Connect can be integrated with our Outlook calendar and Microsoft Teams meetings seamlessly.”

Aveo Systems’ Mira Connect is an easy-to-set-up and easy-to-use audio-visual touchscreen and control system for conference rooms, huddle spaces, lecture halls, and other spaces. It offers one-touch audio & video dialing; launching of Zoom, Cisco, and Poly video calls; integration with Office 365 calendar for one-touch dialing of upcoming meetings; volume and muting control (with optional LED lighting bars for a more pronounced visual cue); display, projector, and camera control; video source selection, lighting control, and more.

For more information on Mira Connect and the Mira Portal cloud management system, visit

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