Mira Connect Version 1.30.0 Release Notes

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Released: September 3, 2020

The Mira Connect 1.30.0 release adds Audio-Technica DM-0604 SmartMixer support and enhancements to Lutron lighting.

New Features

  • Added Audio-Technica DM-0604 SmartMixer support. Mira Connect makes it easy to mute and adjust volume on the inputs and outputs, including support for the Audio-Technica ES954 array microphone. Add the ATDM-0604 to your room in Mira Portal and then configure the desired channels to control.

    See our Audio-Technica blog post and Audio-Technica DM-0604 integration guide for more information.

  • Added Lutron device detection and selection validation for Lutron Grafik EYE systems. Once the IP address of the QSE-CI-NWK-E has been added to Mira Portal and the equipment added, Mira Connect automatically detects the integration ID’s of the connected Lutron equipment. Based on the type of control to be added, only the appropriate Lutron equipment integration IDs are presented to the user. The remaining options are validated based on the capabilities of the equipment with the selected integration ID.

    For example, when adding a zone control, a click to the integration ID field only shows the integration ID’s for Grafik EYE systems, while when adding a Phantom Button, only integration ID’s for NWK interfaces are available for selection.


  • Worked around a Zoom Rooms v5.1 software bug that prevented the password prompt from appearing when manually dialing calls that require a password.

  • Updated the Kramer VS-44H2A driver to support the legacy Kramer API commands for video switching.

  • Added room volume control to the Extron IN1604 and IN1508 video switchers for applications where there is no other room volume control configured in a room.

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