Mira Connect Version 1.28.0 Release Notes

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Released: June 8, 2020

The Mira Connect 1.28.0 release adds Mira Connect Me™ and other new features and improvements .

New Features

  • Added Mira Connect Me™ patent-pending technology that adds touchless AV control to the Mira Connect system by allowing you to quickly and securely control your audio-visual system from your own personal smartphone, tablet, and computer.

    The easy-to-use Mira Connect Me control feature makes rooms more usable and encourages safe and secure interaction. Participants who are uncomfortable using a shared touchscreen can now enjoy the Mira Connect user interface securely and safely on their own devices.

    Edit the Site settings to enable Mira Connect Me and have all Mira Connect’s in the site show a QR code. Mira Connect Me is disabled by default.

    See our Mira Connect Me blog post for more information.

  • Added support for Yamaha AVENTAGE A/V receivers for video switching, volume, and mute. See the Yamaha integration guide for more information.

  • Added driver support for the LG UH5E series of professional displays. See the LG integration guide for more information about using LG displays.

  • Added driver support for the Atlona AT-OME-MS42 video switcher. See the Atlona integration guide for more information about using Atlona video switchers.

  • Added driver support for the Kramer VS-44H2A video switcher. See the Kramer integration guide for more information about Kramer video switchers.


  • Allow Mira Portal users with site technical permissions to change the site’s visual theme and other site settings, including enabling and disabling Mira Connect Me.

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