Mira Connect supports ClearOne ConvergePro

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Mira Connect supports ClearOne ConvergeProAveo Systems is pleased to announce that its Mira Connect smart control appliance now supports ClearOne’s ConvergePro family of products. Mira Connect makes it easy to build a professionally-designed user interface system to support ClearOne ConvergePro conferencing products, including the Beamforming Microphone Array and the ConvergePro 880, 880T, 880TA, 840T, 8i, TH20, and VH20.

Mira Connect is easy to set up. No costly programming is required. This intuitive control system also gives you control over the other devices in your room such as displays, video switchers, video conferencing systems, and more.

You can control your ConvergePro DSP system and your whole room with Mira Connect.

And with Mira Connect’s remote control capability, ConvergePro products can be controlled from anywhere.

Getting Started

To get started, create a room in Mira Portal, our cloud-based management platform, and add a ClearOne ConvergePro system from the equipment list.

Next, enter the IP address, user name, and password of the system to be controlled.

Navigate to the ‘Audio Controls’ tab and enter the desired control points for microphone mute, room volume, and telephony based on the configuration you built using ClearOne’s Converge Console software. Control points are specified using the device type, device ID, and channel numbers and groups. Macros can also be used instead of individual channels for advanced control of muting, sound reinforcement, assistive listening, and more.

When done entering the control points, click ‘Update Equipment.’ Mira Connect validates the control points and builds the user interface automatically.

With Mira Connect’s handy UI Preview feature, you can simulate your finished ClearOne ConvergePro-based system and see what the Mira Connect user interface will look like even before you purchase your Mira Connect. See our UI Preview blog post to get started today.

For more information, see the Mira Connect ClearOne Integration guide with step-by-step instructions on integrating the ClearOne ConvergePro family of products with Mira Connect.

Contact us today to schedule a demo.

ConvergePro® is a registered trademark of ClearOne.

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