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When meeting participants cannot hear each other well, and can’t be heard, productivity suffers. Televic Conference systems are designed to make it easy to communicate in meetings and collaboration environments. Televic offers a full set of solutions from discussion-only microphone systems to more comprehensive systems with voting capability, agenda management, participant authentication, video touchscreen displays, language interpretation, camera tracking, and more.

Any meeting can benefit from Televic’s solutions, especially in larger rooms with acoustical challenges. Applications include hotel ballrooms, university lecture halls, city or county commission chambers, conference rooms, corporate and non-profit board rooms, government facilities, training centers, school board rooms, and more.

All Televic Conference products perform local microphone management and sound reinforcement. Each microphone station has its own gooseneck microphone and integrated loudspeaker, which allows all participants to hear and be heard clearly – with warm and crisp audio quality that helps minimize fatigue. Choose a wired or wireless system (or a mixture of both) depending on how flexible you’d like the system to be. Televic systems can easily be integrated with audio and video conferencing equipment with analog inputs/outputs or Dante audio support.

Mix wired and wireless units together. Select different microphone lengths based on your needs. Need video too? Consider Televic’s Plixus Multimedia products that can manage and distribute both audio and high-resolution video signals and documents to participants, further enhancing collaboration.

Televic Conference products, renowned for their high-quality, are designed and manufactured in Belgium and sold worldwide.  Designing microphone systems for improving meetings is what they do. Televic Conference Systems can be found throughout the United States and all over the globe, including such prestigious and demanding installations as the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

Aveo Systems is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Televic Conference solutions. Contact us if you’d like more information about Televic Conference systems for your application. We are happy to assist.

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Televic Conference Products

Confidea Wireless


If your meetings happen in different locations or your room layouts change, Confidea Wireless products offer the most flexibility and mobility.

No wires are required, and each Wireless Access Point can reliably communicate to the conference stations up to 100 feet away.

A typical room will have a number of delegate stations, one or two chairman stations, and a wireless access point.  If you need voting capabilities, select the voting versions of the delegate stations.

Camera Tracking

Televic Conference

The T-Cam Camera Tracking system makes it easy to see who is talking in your meetings.  The T-Cam package comes with a camera, a video switcher, and software to be up and running in no time.


Televic Conference

If you’re looking for a wired solution that can scale to 1000 stations easily, or need flush-mounted stations to better fit the look of the room, select the Plixus® solution.  Plixus® has flush-mount audio panels, tabletop stations, or multimedia panels that can show HD resolution video.

Plixus Multimedia stations make it easy to view video sources on the Plixus network. Watch the presenter or choose another video input. It’s your choice.

Need language translation?  The Lingua Interpreter Desks integrate with the Plixus network and are designed to make language translation easy.

CoCon Software


Want to manage your conference or attendees?  Need to create and display formal agendas on multimedia stations?  Need to record and display voting results in the room?  Televic’s CoCon software makes it all happen.

From management of DanteTM audio over ethernet with the Plixus-AE-R and Plixus-MME to defining a room layout with a view of microphones and positions for an operator, CoCon software can help you be more productive.


Televic Conference

D-Cerno is the entry-level, portable, wired discussion system from Televic.  It’s an affordable and easy way to manage meetings.

Designed for small- to medium-sized conference applications, this system offers the same high audio quality as Televic’s flagship products.

Choose the D-Cerno with attached fixed length microphones (12in or 20in) or D-Cerno SL units with a microphone connection to support different length microphones. The stylish units with microphones and built-in loudspeakers connect easily, getting you up and running in minutes.

Choose the number of chairman and delegate stations you need, add a central unit (with or without audio recording capability), and you’re ready to go. 

There’s even a convenient carrying case to store or move your system.   

Lingua Infrared


Do you need to distribute your audio, perhaps in different languages, to your audience?  The Televic Lingua Infrared (IR) products fit right into your environment.

The typical system has an IR transmitter for converting audio into an IR-ready signal for the IR emitter, an IR emitter for generating the IR signal into the room, and IR receivers for your audience to tune into their selected channel.


Televic Conference

Find everything from various length cables and microphones to battery packs and chargers and all the other pieces you may need for your system in this section.

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