Skreens Wall in a Box and Mira Connect

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Mira Connect’s support for the Skreens Wall in a Box product is the easiest integration you will ever find with a control system.

Use the Skreens mobile application (available for Apple and Android devices) to discover your Skreens device and add different layouts of your video inputs.  Using the app, create the layouts of the four HDMI inputs you’d like to have on your display, and you’re ready to integrate with Mira Connect.

In Mira Portal, add the Skreens Wall in a Box to your room in Mira Portal and enter the IP address of the Skreens device.

Mira Connect will automatically display all the defined layouts and their names from the Skreens device.  No programming is required.  We’ve done all the heavy lifting so you can quickly integrate the room for your customer.  If you change your layouts on the Skreens Wall in a Box, Mira Connect will update automatically.  Nothing else needs to be done with Mira Connect.

See the Mira Connect integration document for more info on controlling the Skreens Wall in a Box with Mira Connect.

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