In-Wall Backbox for Mira Connect 10

In-Wall backbox for flush to wall installations

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Designed for the Mira Connect 10, the in-wall backbox easily mounts into a wall. The trim ring frames the Mira Connect 10 touchscreen and extends only 2.5mm from the wall. The gloss black trim ring color looks professional in any environment.

The backbox installs easily with one drywall cut-out (300mm x 207mm or 11 3/4 x 8 1/8 in). Rotating mounting clips secure the system to the wall.

The removable trim ring allows access to the enclosed touch screen, yet remains firmly in place with snap fasteners. With the trim ring in place, the touch screen is fully usable while access to the Ethernet cable is hidden. The trim ring may be painted to match interior paint colors.


  • One (1) in-wall Backbox for Mira Connect 10 (Part number: 105.2004.001) – Backbox for in-wall installation of Mira Connect 10



  • Mounts flush into the wall


  • Provides flexibility for where to install Mira Connect 10

Used With

Mira Connect 10 for Wall Mounting

Mira Connect 10 for Wall Mounting is a touchscreen control system for controlling audio-visual systems.