NEC Display Universal Driver

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Mira Connect expands support for NEC displays with a new universal driver. NEC displays may now be controlled over Ethernet or RS-232 (using a Global Cache IP2SL interface). Using Mira Connect’s remote control capability, NEC displays can be controlled from anywhere through Mira Portal.

To get started using your NEC display, select an organization, site, and room in Mira Portal. Next, add an NEC Multisync display from the equipment list, choosing the Universal driver. While not every NEC display will support every input available to the universal driver, enable the inputs that will be used on your NEC display.

Next, navigate to the VIDEO INPUTS tab and for each input you’d like to use, enable the desired video inputs, select an icon, and enter a label and description. Press ADD EQUIPMENT when done.

For detailed instructions for integrating NEC displays with Mira Connect, see Aveo Systems’ NEC Multisync integration guide. To learn more about using Mira Connect, see our training videos. With our UI Preview capabilities, you can get started today.

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