Mira Connect Version 1.26.1 Release Notes

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Released: February 24, 2020

The Mira Connect 1.26.1 release is a maintenance release that fixes several issues.

New Features


  • Fixed an issue where a Poly RealPresence Group Series codec with automatic camera tracking could have tracking disabled, but not enabled again.
  • Fixed an issue where Window PC-based Zoom Rooms systems would not initiate a “Meet Now” meeting when there were participants selected.
  • Fixed an issue where, in rare cases, a pairing code wouldn’t appear.
  • Improved the NEC Multisync display driver to power on the NEC E505 after it has been powered off.
  • Fixed an issue with the Symetrix Radius driver where the sound reinforcement and overflow room gain values weren’t correct.

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Version 1.26.0 Release Notes

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