Mira Connect supports Symetrix Radius DSP’s

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Aveo Systems has released new Mira Portal software and Mira Connect software that supports the Symetrix Radius family of DSPs.

The Symetrix Radius family of DSP’s includes the Radius AEC, Radius 12x8EX, and Edge products.  The Symetrix products are extremely flexible due to their open architecture and comprehensive design software.  Mira Connect controls these systems over the network using the controller numbers defined in the configuration file.  You can set up a Mira Connect control system in minutes controlling mutes, levels, VoIP and PSTN telephony interfaces, and more.  For integration details, see the Symetrix Radius Mira Connect integration document.

We’re continually adding more product and functionality to Mira Connect.  Have equipment you’d like to have supported?  Let us know about it with the request form at https://aveosystems.com/equipment.

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