Control NEC Projectors with Mira Connect

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NEC projectorAveo Systems’ Mira Connect is an intuitive control system that does not require custom programming. Mira Connect now supports NEC’s family of projectors and can control NEC projectors either directly over Ethernet or over an RS-232 interface through a Global Cache IP2SL serial to IP converter.

With Mira Connect’s remote control capability, you can manage your NEC projectors from anywhere!

add NEC projector in Mira Portal

Getting Started

To get started, select ‘Add’ in the equipment area in Mira Portal, our cloud-based management platform. Select ‘NEC Projector’ from the list of supported displays and projectors.

Enter the projector’s network address on the Connections tab. On the Video Inputs tab select and label the desired inputs, and press ‘ADD EQUIPMENT’ when done. Mira Connect automatically creates the user interface. Mira Portal makes it easy to add, label, and change which projector’s inputs you want to use.

Once the projector has been added to the room, Mira Connect allows the user to easily select sources and turn the projector on or off. The system adds the NEC projector to the room power down feature that restores the default room mute and volume settings and powers down the projector when the users choose to power off the room.

With Mira Connect, you can easily control NEC projectors along with the other A/V equipment in the room.

Additional Resources

See the complete list of equipment supported by Mira Connect.

For step-by-step instructions on integrating NEC Projectors with Mira Connect, please refer to our NEC Projector integration guide.

To learn more about setting up Mira Connect, see our training videos.

With our UI Preview capabilities, you can get started today.

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