Mira Connect supports Monoprice Blackbird Video Switcher

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Mira Connect supports the Monoprice Blackbird Pro 4K 4×4 matrix switcher for video management in cost-sensitive installations. Using a Global Cache IP2SL (RS-232 to IP) device to connect to the RS-232 port on the Monoprice switcher, Mira Connect manages the source selections of the Monoprice video switcher, allowing users to easily change content sources routed to the four outputs of the Blackbird video switcher. Users can also manually select sources from the switcher’s front panel buttons and Mira Connect will automatically update to show the status of the system.

To get started, select your room in Mira Portal, add a Monoprice Video Switcher from the equipment list, and choose the Blackbird 4K Pro 4×4 model.

Enter the IP address of the Global Cache IP2SL and navigate to the VIDEO INPUTS tab. Enable the desired video inputs, choose an icon, and enter labels and descriptions.

To use the different outputs from the video switcher, add one or more displays (or other equipment), enable an input on the display (HDMI 1 on an LG display in this example), and select ‘Use Sources Connected to Other Equipment…’. Select the Monoprice video switcher from the list and choose the desired switcher output, HDMI 2 in this example, from the video switcher that is connected to that display’s input.

On Mira Connect, the menus to select the video signals are created automatically, making it easy for users to choose which video source input to view on their display.

For more information, see Aveo Systems’ Monoprice Blackbird integration guide. For a list of displays supported by Mira Connect, see our equipment list.

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