Mira Connect Setup Steps

The first step to using Mira Portal is creating a Mira Portal account.  The Mira Portal account is used by the integrator or AV/IT manager to define an organization, sites within the organization, and the rooms within the sites.

An organization is typically the end-customer’s company or enterprise name.  A site represents a location for an organization, and then one or more rooms are defined at that site.  Each room will have a Mira Connect device controlling the equipment in the room.   Once a room is defined, Mira Portal is used to add equipment to the room.

Once the organization, site, room, and equipment information has been added to Mira Portal, Mira Connect can be paired to the room and immediately start controlling the equipment in the room.  To pair Mira Connect to a room, power up Mira Connect, login using your Mira Portal account to select the organization, site, and room and then select finish to pair with the room.

The setup steps are summarized here.

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