Mira Connect supports Extron Video Switchers

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Mira Connect now supports Extron’s presentation video switchers, controlling the switchers over RS-232 or Ethernet, depending on the model.

Mira Connect makes it easy for users, showing a single display menu, even if some video sources are connected to the video switcher and some directly to the display. Users can just select the desired input from the menu and Mira Connect does the rest including powering on the display and selecting the proper sources on the connected devices.

With the addition of Extron video switcher support, Extron’s family of USB switchers can also be used with the video switcher to control the Extron USB switcher’s USB selection, by connecting the logic outputs of the video switcher to the USB switcher’s contact closures. This makes it easy to switch USB peripherals including VISCA-compatible PTZ cameras and DSP audio systems with USB audio connections to a dedicated room PC and a guest laptop, for example, by just selecting the video source to display.

Now room participants can select the desired video source, such as a dedicated room PC, and the USB switcher with follow the selection, assigning USB room resources such as DSP audio and PTZ cameras to the dedicated room PC.

To learn how to integrate Extron video switchers with Mira Connect see our Extron integration document.

You can also try it yourself with our Mira Connect UI Preview.

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