Mira Connect Brings Intuitive AV Control to Dispensary

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Net Vision Communications uses a Mira Connect smart AV control system in a dispensary retail application.

Mira Connect Brings Intuitive AV Control to Dispensary

Marietta, GA – While Aveo Systems’ Mira Connect™, a smart audio-visual control platform, is often installed in collaboration rooms, system integrator Jeff Johnson of Net Vision Communications in Springfield, MO is bringing its capabilities to new areas.

As a full-service design/build company as well as an internet and telephony service provider, Net Vision Communications works across a broad range of applications, and Johnson has been working on expanding the AV installations for the company. One of those applications was the new Easy Mountain Cannabis Dispensary in the Springfield area.

“When medical marijuana was approved in Missouri, the owners wanted simple control of their flat screen TVs, audio systems, and web conferencing,” said Johnson. “I suggested Mira Connect as the perfect solution.”

Net Vision wall-mounted a Mira Connect 10 touchscreen AV control unit — a system which does not require any custom programming by installers — behind the sales counter in the dispensary showroom. Owners Alex Paulson and Drew Beine use the controller to handle the source/destination selections for their medicinal menu, including displays such as the 75-inch flatscreen TV in the showroom as well as other TVs, which bring up selected items plus associated music for clients.

“Music is tailored to suit the mood and medical needs of each customer,” said Johnson, “and is routed to various areas of the store as needed.”

Johnson incorporated Raspberry Pi units behind the TVs that allow the dispensary staff to easily browse the web and display other information readily via the source selection configured for the Mira Connect.

Aveo Systems worked with Johnson to ensure that the proper interfacing to each controlled device was implemented through Mira Portal, the management platform for Mira Connect. “Aveo Systems is fantastic this way,” said Johnson. “Anytime I have come to them with a specific need for a customer, their response has been ‘Sure, let’s make it happen.'”

Another feature of Mira Connect, the touchless control feature Mira Connect Me, has been a hit with the dispensary owners. “When Alex and Drew come into the store, they scan the QR code on the Mira Connect screen and can then control music and video from their respective offices via their phones. It’s also very useful for their patient consultation rooms, where web meetings are set up between clients and physicians,” he said.

“The convenience of having one device to manage all our media, music, and televisions is great,” said Drew Beine of Easy Mountain. “It’s nice to hit one button and have everything turn off on the way out the door. The multiple screens in our offices and the slick installation of different workspaces make our jobs way easier, and the connectedness is streamlined to be easy for anyone to use. I would recommend Mira Connect for anyone who intends to have multimedia platforms across their customer-facing business — and for anyone just seeking added convenience.”

About Mira Connect

Mira Connect is an easy-to-set-up and easy-to-use audio-visual touchscreen and control system for conference rooms, lecture halls, hospitality, retail, and other spaces. It offers one-touch audio & video dialing; launching of Zoom, Cisco, and Poly video calls; integration with Office 365 calendar for one-touch dialing of upcoming meetings; volume and muting control (with optional LED lighting bars for a more pronounced visual cue); display, projector, and camera control; video source selection; lighting, display, projector, and camera control; audio and video source selection, TV tuner control, touchless operation, and more. No programming is required for set up. For more information visit aveosystems.com.

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