Mira Connect Brings AV Control to Atlanta YMCA

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Atlanta YMCA Leadership and Learning Center

The Metro Atlanta YMCA recently opened a new Leadership and Learning Center, which provides numerous training and meeting rooms to keep board members, staff, and volunteers informed. Integrator Clarity ITS, with four offices in Georgia, handled the audio-visual portion of the new building.

“We installed AV equipment in about 13 rooms in the new building,” said Dan Miller, AV Engineer at Clarity ITS. “Ten were very small huddle-type rooms. The others were fully integrated with video conferencing and distance learning products. We elected to use Mira Connect for control of those rooms.”

Aveo Systems’ Mira Connect is a smart touchscreen panel that provides one-touch access to a room’s AV equipment. Designed for simple setup and even simpler operation, Mira Connect makes it easy for users to initiate calls, control cameras and monitors, and manage audio. It is able to control hundreds of products including Zoom Rooms and traditional video conferencing systems.

Atlanta YMCA Leadership and Learning Center Board room

Mark McGinnis, VP of Information Technology at the YMCA Leadership and Learning Center, said Mira Connect made sense for their operation. “If [an AV system] isn’t easy, our staff won’t use it,” he said. “It’s better to give them a product that they can engage with and be able to achieve their meetings without outside help… I think this system requires a lot less training to get people up to speed.”

Hear it from Mark McGinnis directly:

The YMCA installation includes:

  • a large boardroom with a Mira Connect controlling a Zoom Rooms videoconferencing system, a Biamp TesiraFORTÉ, Extron video switcher, two Sharp displays, cameras and microphones, and Global Caché serial to IP adapters;
  • a large divisible training room with two Mira Connects controlling a Zoom Rooms videoconferencing system, NEC projectors, a Biamp TesiraFORTÉ, Extron switching, microphones and cameras; and
  • a training room with Mira Connect controlling a Zoom Rooms video conferencing system, a Sharp video display, Biamp TesiraFORTÉ, Extron switching, and Global Caché serial to IP adapters.

Atlanta YMCA Leadership and Learning Center Divisible room

“We have installed Mira Connect at multiple customer locations,” said Miller. “I really like the simplicity, ease of setup, and intuitive operation that come with Mira Connect. It has significantly reduced our programming time and the number of help desk calls as opposed to more complicated system control interfaces.”

Atlanta YMCA Leadership and Learning Center Training room

For more information on Mira Connect and the Mira Portal cloud management system, visit aveosystems.com.

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