Mira Connect Brings Intuitive AV Control to Convention Center

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Siscom, Inc. uses a Mira Connect 10 smart AV control system in the Québec City Convention Center boardroom to control the AV equipment in the room.

Mira Connect Brings Easy AV Control to Quebec City Convention Center

Marietta, GA – Québec City, Canada is home to striking architecture and a deep cultural history. It is also home to the Québec City Convention Center, named the ‘Best Convention Center in the World’ in 2006 by the International Association of Congress Centres.

The convention center’s management team recently updated their own boardroom in the facility, purchasing the necessary AV equipment from Québec-based integration firm, Siscom, Inc. As part of the update, Aveo Systems’ Mira Connect 10 was selected for management of the AV systems for its ease of use and dynamic control capability.

“This meeting room is located in the administration area of the convention center and is used strictly by the management and their partners in the city,” said Jean-François Dancause of Siscom. “We offered to provide the installation as well as the equipment, but they felt confident that they could do this one themselves with their on-site technicians and were indeed able to do so. Mira Connect is easy to set up and very easy to manage, so it’s much easier to complete a setup with it than with other control devices.”

In addition to the Mira Connect 10 control platform, the Convention Center purchased a Biamp TesiraForte AVB VT4 with microphones and amplifier, a Digitalinx audio matrix switcher, and an HD PTZ camera. Global Caché IP2IR-P interfaces were also purchased to control the consumer-grade Sony televisions in the room.

Stéphane Villaneuve led the technical team’s installation work at the Convention Centre. “This installation went well, and we were pleased with the comprehensive documentation,” he said. “Aveo Systems was very helpful; they are fast and very efficient and quickly added equipment that had not previously been supported by Mira Connect. We also wanted some minor changes in the control of some of the equipment in the room.”

“Mira Connect was designed to make it easy for partners and end users to set up a professional control system,” said Craig Richardson, CEO of Aveo Systems. “It was a pleasure to work with Stéphane, as he knew how he wanted the system to operate, provided good feedback, and was able to get it up and running very quickly.”

Villaneuve said the room is normally used quite frequently, and he expects a return to full operation as Canada recovers from the COVID pandemic. “Those who have used the room so far have found Mira Connect to be easy to use and very intuitive,” he said. “I particularly like the function that allows you to program the shut-down of the equipment in the room at a specific time; I also use the remote control capability to troubleshoot the room remotely as needed.”

With its ease of setup and management, and native support of a French user interface, the Mira Connect AV control system provided the perfect solution for the Convention Center to manage their boardroom AV equipment.

Mira Connect is an easy-to-set-up and easy-to-use audio-visual touchscreen and control system for conference rooms, lecture halls, hospitality, retail, and other spaces. It offers one-touch audio & video dialing; launching of Zoom, Cisco, and Poly video calls; integration with Office 365 calendar for one-touch dialing of upcoming meetings; volume and muting control (with optional LED lighting bars for a more pronounced visual cue); display, projector, and camera control; video source selection; lighting, display, projector, and camera control; audio and video source selection, TV tuner control, touchless operation, and more. No programming is required for set up.

For more information, visit aveosystems.com.

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