Aveo Systems Appoints Cardone Solomon and Associates

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Aveo Systems appoints Cardone Solomon and Associates as rep firm

Marietta, GA – Aveo Systems, Inc. has appointed Cardone, Solomon and Associates Inc. as manufacturers’ representatives, for Aveo Systems’ Mira Connect collaboration control system and Televic Conference, which is distributed in the United States by Aveo Systems.

Cardone, Solomon and Associates will handle multiple territories including Metro New York, Upstate New York, New England, and the Mid-Atlantic states.

All of us at CS&A are excited to partner with Aveo Systems,” said John Cardone, Founding Partner at Cardone, Solomon & Associates. “We have known and worked with Craig Richardson and his team at other companies prior to the founding of Aveo Systems; the people on Craig’s team are some of the brightest and most forward-thinking folks we have ever worked with. Aveo’s Mira Connect table top system is a good example of where our industry is headed and provides a simple way to control and collaborate in today’s meeting spaces. It’s a simple system to set up and use and definitely has a great ROI. We are anxious to show our customers this new, innovative and easy to configure system to make huddle and collaboration spaces a very positive experience.”

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Elaine Jones
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