Form, Fit, and Performance

The Confidea F models include  11 different versions making it easy to create a solution tailored to the needs of any application, with models for basic discussion, for applications that include electronic voting and for high-end applications that include simultaneous interpretation.

Natural Sound

The Confidea Series is renowned for its superb audio quality. The Natural Sound produced by these conference stations drastically improves intelligibility and reduces fatigue during longer meetings.


Installing the system is extremely easy. For mobile installations that require regular setup and teardown, the autosensing connections of the units allow daisy chaining without any concerns for the less technically skilled.

With the connections hidden in the base, a clean and tidy setup can be created in permanent installations.

Built-in RFID reader

Built upon the successful first generation of Confidea® Wired, this new generation includes an RFID reader for identification and authentication.

With RFID, the system knows exactly who is seated where, expanding the possibilities in applications with electronic voting or free seating.

Plixus Powered

Confidea T is Plixus® Powered. It takes full advantage of the Plixus Conference Network Technology: an innovative, future-proof technology developed by Televic offering high performance, security and reliability in mission-critical conference applications

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