Third-Generation Wireless

Confidea® third generation Wireless systems make system setup easy. Plug in the wireless access point, turn on the Confidea wireless stations and you’re ready to meet.

Confidea’s state-of-the-art Quad-Band wireless technologies, fault-tolerant error correcting protocols, and advanced encryption algorithms mean that the system just works.  Confidea delivers security, quality, simplicity, and reliability.

Perfectly co-exists with your wireless LAN

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are essential tools  that are everywhere in today’s meeting rooms.wireless_bands
Confidea’s Quad-Band solution offers many wireless channels in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands to work around your Wi-Fi network.  The Confidea wireless conference system easily co-exists with Wi-Fi wireless networks, allowing users to seamlessly access the data that they need during their meeting.

Controlling the system is like surfing the Web.

The Confidea® Wireless Conference Access Point (WCAP3) has built-in web control that can be accessed from any PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone using a standard (mobile) internet browser.

For simple wireless discussion systems, the built-in control eliminates the need for specialized, dedicated software and software training.

Encryption guarantees confidentialitywireless_encryption

The built-in AES encryption, combined with the proprietary communication protocol and access control, offers 3 layers of security and confidentiality to ensure your meeting is secure.

Multi-room: the most versatile system around!

With Confidea® working outside the Wi-Fi band and having plenty of channels available, running multiple systems in one building is very easy.wireless_cardreader

The wireless access point includes audio inputs and outputs for integration with third-party audio and video conferencing solutions.

The Confidea units with voting capabilities come standard with a built-in RFID card reader offering an out-of-the-box solution for authentication and identification.

Need help deciding which type of units you need?

Follow the decision tree to see what units will work best for you.


Confidea Wireless Products

Confidea Wireless FAQ

Q: How long can a conference unit operate on a fully charged battery?
A: A fully charged Lithium-Ion battery will last in excess of 28 hours of continuous use. Charge time for a battery is approximately 4 hours. Charge times can vary based upon the temperature and venting of the charging unit. Charger must be well ventilated.

Q: How many wireless units can be connected to the WCAP3?
A: The total number of units that can be connected is 1024; however the distance from the WC-WACP3 for connectivity is limited to 100 ft. (30 m). Contact Aveo Systems Technical Support for more information.

Q: Can I use a conference system without chairman unit?
A: Yes you can, however, the chairman will not have any priority functions available on his/her conferencing unit. The chairman of the meeting can alternatively manage the microphone system by use of the browser interface into the Wireless access point (WCAP3).

Q: Do I need software to use the voting feature?
A: Yes, the Wireless Digital Conferencing WC-CV3 and WC-DV3 provide for voting functions, However The CoCon Meeting Suite or CoCon Discussion and CoCon Voting are required to perform the voting functions.

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