T-Cam Camera Tracking

Camera Tracking Made Easy

The T-Cam Camera Tracking package is a complete and out-of-the-box solution for conference camera tracking.
The T-Cam package comes with a camera, a video switcher, and software to be up and running in no time. The system allows straightforward installation, fast configuration and integration of a camera tracking system with any Televic Conference system. The T-Cam solution controls up to 4 3G-SDI cameras.

Simple Configuration

By combining hardware and software, the T-Cam solution makes it easy to use and control cameras. Installers can quickly set up cameras, create talking heads, automatically switch the camera between participants, and even add a participant’s name as an overlay on top of the image.

Flexible Packages

The T-Cam Camera Tracking Solution comes in 3 different packages, depending on the number of cameras required and the option for a name overlay.

T-Cam Products

Camera Tracking FAQ

Q: Can the camera software run on the same PC as the CoCon Room Server?
A: Yes, the T-Cam Camera software can run on the same PC as the CoCon Room Server.

Q: Do I need a PC to use Camera Tracking?
A: Yes, a PC is required to run the camera tracking software. The PC is used for setting up the camera presets and also for taking the camera position information from the central unit and translating that information to specific camera presets.

Q: What are the requirements for the PC for Camera Tracking?
A: You can use the same PC as the CoCon Room Server, or you are not using the CoCon Room Server on a PC, it is recommended you use PC that has one or two available PCI card slots, such as a Dell Optiplex 7020. The PCI card slot can be used with the included Capture card for local operator preview ad setup of the camera tracking system. The PC needs an RS-232 interface to control the camera.

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