UCLA Learning Center uses Televic Conference Microphone Stations

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When UCLA’s Samueli School of Engineering initiated a project to bring a new Learning Center to the campus, they had several goals in mind to ensure the system was engaging, flexible, and encouraged student and participant interaction.

At the front of the room are 25 removable tables, each outfitted with a microphone conferencing system from Televic Conference. Gooseneck microphones provide clear, clean pickup of voices and allow users to have papers and other items on the tables without interfering with the microphones. The conference system includes request-to-speak functionality and allows the moderator to set up a queue for speakers; LED rings on the microphones illuminate to indicate who is speaking, who is next in queue, and who is waiting to speak.

See more details in our success story about how Televic Conference flush-mounted microphone stations were used to create a state-of-the-art learning center at UCLA.


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