Mira Portal Essentials

Mira Portal Essentials service offering for 12 months for Mira Connect setup, management, and software updates. Essentials service level or higher is required for remote control capabilities and customized visual themes.

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Mira Portal Essentials service is used for setting up and viewing collaboration rooms controlled by Mira Connect.

There are two levels of Mira Portal service: Essentials and Enterprise as compared here: Mira Service Comparison.

The Essentials service is designed for customers who want to control equipment in the room and don’t need network management including a detailed dashboard, notifications, or Office 365 calendar and directory integration.

For information about how to setup a system see the Mira Connect Quick Setup Guide.

Mira Portal Essentials allows you to:

  • Define your organizations, sites, rooms that will use Mira Connect.
  • Add equipment and their network addresses and required authentication credentials for accessing and controlling the equipment.
  • Automatically update Mira Connect device software for adding support for new features and resolving issues.
  • Import address books by organization or site to create contact lists available making it easy for room users to dial contacts
  • Assign roles to specific partners or AV/IT staff for viewing, modifying, or administering systems
  • Manage site- and organization-wide information including custom branding of Mira Connect, and more.


  • One (1) Mira Portal Essentials (12-month) (Part number: 110.0012.001) – 12-month Mira Portal Essentials service for Mira Connect


  • Setup and configuration tool for defining rooms and equipment.
  • Customize background images, company logos, and colors
  • Simple dashboard for viewing room status
  • Easily change equipment or IP addresses of equipment
  • Automatic firmware updates

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