Mira Portal Enterprise Service Renewal

Mira Portal Enterprise service renewal

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Mira Portal is used for configuring, viewing, and managing rooms controlled by Mira Connect.

There are two levels of Mira Portal service: Essentials and Enterprise as compared here: Mira Service Comparison

Regardless of service level (including no service renewal), Mira Portal is accessible to users of Mira Connect and allows users to:

  • Define organizations, sites, rooms that will use Mira Connect
  • Add or change equipment and the network addresses and required authentication credentials for accessing and controlling the equipment
  • Automatically update Mira Connect device software for adding support for new features and resolving issues
  • Assign roles to specific partners or AV/IT staff for viewing, modifying, or administering systems
  • Manage site- and organization-wide information including custom branding of Mira Connect, and more

Mira Portal Essentials service adds the following:

  • Provide access to the Mira Connect User interface remotely via Mira Portal
  • Subscribe to email or text/SMS notifications for organization, site, room or equipment issues
  • Supports importing a CSV file of contacts with phone and video numbers

Mira Enterprise Service levels adds to the Essentials service with:

  • Integration with Office 365 Calendaring for one-click dialing support
  • (Coming soon) Room usage analytics

Create a no-cost, no-obligation Mira Portal account here and follow the tutorials to build your own system in minutes using Mira Connect’s UI preview feature.

The nn in the part number is the number of months. Use part numbers: 110.0112.001, 110.0124.001, 110.0136.001, 110.0148.001, or 110.0160.001 for 12, 24, 36, 48, or 60 month renewals.


  • One (1) (Part number: 110.01nn.001) – Mira Portal Enterprise Service Renewals


  • Adds Microsoft Office 365 calendar integration and analytics.


  • Start meetings with one touch of the Microsoft Office 365 calendar invites
  • Meeting invitations appear on Mira Connect so users know they are in the right room
  • With appropriate permissions, you can manage your rooms from anywhere
  • Start calls from the back of the room or from across the globe from your browser

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