Mira Connect Version 1.21.0 Release Notes

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Released: July 26, 2019

The Mira Connect 1.21.0 release adds several new features and improvements, including:

New Features

  • Added French language translation for Mira Connect. Select the desired language during the set up process of Mira Connect. To change the language on a Mira Connect that is paired to a room, unpair the Mira Connect using Mira Portal to start the set up process. Follow the set up steps on Mira Connect to select the language, the network interface, and then pair again with the room.

  • Added support for dialing DTMF digits while connected to a Zoom SIP audio call for entering conference bridge numbers.

    Note, there are two open Zoom issues related to SIP phone support with Zoom Rooms including:

    If you have questions about when these issues will be resolved, please contact Zoom directly with the issue numbers in the Zoom developer forum links above.

    When using a DSP system with Zoom Rooms and SIP dialing, Mira Connect controls the microphone mute state through the DSP system directly and can successfully mute Zoom Rooms SIP audio calls.

  • Added Mira Portal Options tab to enable or disable SIP Audio dialing for Poly (Polycom) RealPresence Group Series and Zoom SIP dialing. SIP audio dialing support is disabled by default.


  • Resolved issue where Zoom phone dialing status would show Disconnecting… when attempting to dial and then hangup a SIP phone call when there was no SIP registration configured.

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