Mira Connect Version 1.20.0 Release Notes

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Released: July 17, 2019
The Mira Connect 1.20.0 release adds many new features and improvements, including:

New Features

  • Added support for SIP audio call dialing for Poly (Polycom) RealPresence Group Series. SIP audio dialing is automatically enabled on Mira Connect when a SIP registration is configured on the Group Series. Mira Connect can dial Group series SIP audio calls directly from calendar invitations or from the dial pad.

  • Added support for SIP audio call dialing for Zoom Rooms. SIP audio dialing is automatically enabled on Mira Connect when a SIP registration is configured in the Zoom portal.
    There are several Zoom issues open related to SIP dialing with Zoom Rooms including:

    If you have questions about when these issues will be resolved, please contact Zoom directly with the issue numbers in the Zoom developer forum links above.

    Note: When using a DSP system with Zoom Rooms and SIP dialing, Mira Connect controls the microphone mute state through the DSP system directly and can successfully mute Zoom Rooms SIP audio calls.

  • Improved Symetrix Radius DSP integration by showing valid control numbers in the pull-down lists while on the Audio Control tab, making it easier to select valid control numbers when configuring Audio Control. Symetrix Radius DSP configuration file changes are now automatically detected by Mira Connect.
    Symetrix control numbers still need to be set to push-enabled. See our Symetrix integration guide for more info about setting up a Symetrix DSP system.

  • Mira Connect now controls Hitachi projectors over Ethernet and RS-232. Add a Hitachi projector by selecting Hitachi projector from the Add Equipment menu in Mira Portal.

  • Mira Connect now controls Vivitek D3000 and D4000 series projectors over Ethernet and RS-232. Add a Vivitek projector by selecting Vivitek projector from the Add Equipment menu in Mira Portal.

  • Added video blank and freeze controls to Epson, Hitachi, Vivitek, and NEC Projectors. Video blank sets the displayed image to black and freeze holds the last image on the screen, allowing a user to change sources without a transition displayed on the screen.

  • Added UK English language translation for Mira Connect. Select the desired language during the set-up process of Mira Connect.

  • Added RS-232 support for controlling Sharp Aquos displays.


  • Improved Polycom RealPresence Group series dialing to prevent Connecting… and Disconnecting… dialog from lingering in some cases.
  • Added integration guide link to the Samsung IR display equipment settings in Mira Portal.
  • Improved alignment of the ‘Who Can Hear Me’ menu item.
  • Improved Zoom Rooms meeting passcode user interface when entering invalid passcodes.
  • Restored the “Track People” label on the cameras menu on video conferencing systems.
  • Resolved an issue where the initial mute state of a Zoom Rooms system could toggle for several seconds after connecting to meeting.
  • Improved alignment of Zoom Room meeting participant lists when they are selected from the active call dialog.
  • Improved the display of call information when Mira Connect connects to a Zoom Room system that has a call in progress.
  • Improved Zoom Rooms directory handling when there are internet connectivity issues.
  • Improved handling of Group Series connection messages when there are network connectivity issues affecting communication to the codec.
  • Mira Connects that have been unpaired from rooms no longer briefly show the last room they were paired with while waiting for a valid IP address from a wired Ethernet connection.
  • Improved equipment drivers to prevent dialing DTMF digits while a call is disconnecting.

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